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June 23 - August 18, 2022

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Are you craving fun, pleasure, and MAGIC in your writing life?


Then the Summer of Enchanted Writing is for YOU!



This program is for you if...

  • You are currently writing or you want to start writing.
  • You know there is something deep, rich, and meaningful about your voice, and you yearn to tap into this source of inner power.
  • You've had experiences where writing has felt like a channel, or where you experienced a sense of flow, and you would love more of this. 
  • You want to create transformation for yourself (and possibly for others) through writing.


We'll be doing writing rituals to help you connect to the heart of your voice, so writing can feel wondrous to you.


We'll be using writing as a magical tool of self-discovery, so you can bring more of who you are into your writing. 


We'll use oracle cards, guided visualizations, and other fun witchy tools, to help you find ease and flow in your writing.

You need the Summer of Enchanted Writing if...

Writing for you is like a kind of magic. You feel it channel through you, from something greater out there, down through your arms and fingers, and onto the page. When you write for others, your spidey senses come alive. You become like an intuitive wand tuned to the truth that wants to be shared through you.

Buuuuut...sometimes you lose the sense of magic in your writing life. Writing can actually sometimes feel boring, disenchanting, or even like a drudgery.

You would love more magic and wonder in your writing life. You would love to connect deeply to the power at the heart of your voice. You would love to have FUN writing.

This is what Summer of Enchanted Writing is all about. The purpose of the program is to help you kindle the magic in your writing life by doing really fun writing rituals each week and experiencing realizations about what makes writing come alive for YOU.


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It’s Time To Enchant Your Writing Life

With a beautiful series of group calls and guided writing rituals you will use writing as a magical tool to connect to the heart of your voice.

What we'll be doing

The Summer of Enchanted Writing is a series of 9 live group calls, where we will do magical writing rituals to help you discover the meaning, heart, and power of your voice.

 We'll use oracle cards, writing prompts, guided visualizations, and other fun witchy tools, and we'll talk about writerly topics like:

  • Your authentic message

  • Who you would most love to write to

  • The power of your voice

  • Writing routines that will create flow for YOU.

Each writing ritual is designed to help you discover more of who you are as an authentic writer, so writing can feel fun, pleasurable, and magical for you.

This program is about setting aside external expectations about what writing "should" look like, and instead letting yourself be your most wildly authentic self in this creative craft you love.


Experience the joy, fun, and magic of writing, and light up your motivation 


Have realizations about your voice that will empower your writing.


Become a better writer through the process of self-discovery.

The nitty gritty

  • We'll meet once a week for 60-minute live calls from 6/23 - 8/18, where we will do magical writing rituals together as a group. We'll use oracle cards, writing prompts, guided visualizations, and other fun witchy tools to help you connect to the heart of your voice.

  • There will be nine calls in total, held every Thursday @ 10 - 11am Pacific. If you can't make it live, that's ok! The calls will be recorded, plus, we'll be doing a weekly "watch party" on Wednesdays at 3pm Pacific, where I'll be live in the comments, replying to you in real time.

  • Each week you'll do a writing challenge where you will take what you discover in the rituals and use it in your writing.

  • I'll be there each step of the way to help you transform limiting beliefs, break through blocks, and be your most authentic self in your writing.

This program is going to be deep, magical, and FUN. The rituals will feel like play and joy, and you'll get to meet other writers like you, folks who want to share from the heart and who also love a bit of magic.

This sounds awesome. I'm in!


I'm a writing coach, blogger, and podcaster. I'm the creator of Veritas Writers Sanctuary, a space to help you connect to your authentic voice and kindle the magic in your writing life.

I've completed Martha Beck's Life Coach Training. I'm an endorsed Soul's Calling Coach, and I graduated from the Honors Program at UMass Boston, where I wrote my thesis on the power of story during hard times.

I write a blog for writers on and a #bookstagram for readers at my books_and_moss Instagram account. I release a podcast called Full Heart Free Voice Podcast every other week. Plus I'm always playing around with writing a novel, which maybe you'll hear more about someday!

When I'm not working I love to read, putter in the garden in my Pacific Northwest yard, play with oracle cards, chat with my besties, and snuggle with my hubby and pet rabbit.

"Emma 'sees people' with a fun combination of childlike wonder, laser curiosity, questioning, acceptance, non-judgement, and with the "f" word thrown in.... with sparkles... and humor... and tenacity!!"

Nicole Croizier

"Underneath Emma's calm, kind exterior lives a totally fierce and brilliant badass. Her clear explanations, warm presence, generosity, and deep skills make her a teacher of the highest standard. I have learned so much from her! Emma always enriches my life in ways I wouldn't have expected - and the extraordinary gifts stick around for good."

Julie Wolf

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