Writing for you is like a kind of magic. You feel it channel through you, from something greater out there, down through your arms and fingers, and onto the page. When you write for others, your spidey senses come alive. You become like an intuitive wand tuned to the truth that wants to be shared through you.

But sometimes it feels like the magic goes away. This can happen when you become over-connected to external opinions about how to write.

  • You worry you're not writing the right way, so you keep following advice that leaves you uninspired and unmotivated.
  • You feel inadequate whenever you read the great writers you admire. You think you should write like them, but that creates too much pressure for your creativity.
  • You believe the "experts" when they say you're only a "real" writer if you write every day, have been published, or have a literary award.

When you look too much to the outer world for validation, you can become disconnected from the magic of your own voice as a writer.

Instead of sharing from the heart, you follow rules not meant for you, and slowly but surely your writing life can feel dis-enchanting, boring, or stressful instead of enchanting, exciting, and inspirational.

With this ritual you will be guided, step-by-step, to turn inward and re-connect to your authentic voice, which is the heart of your writing magic.

My biggest hope is when you're done with the ritual you will remember something true and wonderful about your voice, and you will be able to bring this true and wonderful thing into your writing life today.



P.S If you enjoy oracle cards or are interested in seeing what they're all about, then you will LOVE this ritual :)

How It Works

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About Emma Veritas

Emma Veritas is a writing coach, blogger, and podcaster.

She's the creator of Veritas Writers Sanctuary, where she coaches clients and offers programs to help you feel safe and confident to share your authentic voice with the world through writing.

Emma has completed Martha Beck's Life Coach Training. She is an endorsed Soul's Calling Coach, and she graduated from the Honors Program at UMass Boston, where she wrote her thesis on the power of story during hard times.

She writes a weekly blog post for writers on veritaswriterssanctuary.com and a weekly #bookstagram for readers at her books_and_moss Instagram account. She releases a podcast called Full Heart Free Voice Podcast every other week. Plus she's always playing around with writing a novel, which maybe you'll hear more about someday!

When she's not working, Emma loves reading cozy mysteries, drinking hot cacao, playing with oracle cards, hanging out with her husband and house rabbit, and communing with the trees in her Pacific Northwest yard.

You can find all of Emma's blog posts, online courses, and coaching programs at veritaswriterssanctuary.com.