Scared of the Dark

Oct 25, 2020

As a kid, I was terrified of the dark. I remember running into bed as fast as I could after switching off the light, just in case a hand reached out from under the bed. I would literally leap into bed!

I remember lying in bed, covers over my head, and dreaming about being a grown up, because I knew grown ups weren't scared of anything.

Of course, I was so disappointed when I was in my twenties and discovered I was still freaking scared of the dark!

I've always needed a little light,...

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Waxing Quarter Moon reflection questions

Oct 23, 2020

Today is the Waxing Quarter Moon, and that means it's time to feel into the energy of our creative cycles.

When I take time on the "Moon" days to reflect, I plan my creative work aligned to my natural rhythm instead of forcing myself to work in a way that's not right for me.

This is especially important when you want to do creative work like writing an inspirational blog. Unlike other forms of art that have a clear beginning and an end, a blog is a creative project that...

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A wildly authentic book recommendation for you!

Oct 22, 2020

Today is the day before the Waxing Quarter Moon, and that means it's time for a Day of Sacred Rest. On this day I take a digital break. I turn auto-responders on for my email, and I turn off all digital devices and notifications, except for my audiobook apps, which are a must-have on a rest day!

The emails I send you on Sacred Rest Days are an act of rest for me. Instead of digging deep into my own realizations and teachings, I tell you about something wonderful...

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What Moth told me today

Oct 20, 2020

I pulled an oracle card for you all today! I asked: "What do you need to know to help you write?", and I pulled the Moth card from Kim Krans's The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck.

When I tuned into the energy of Moth I listened for a message, and she reminded me of the importance of reconnecting to your why around writing.


When you pursue a craft like blogging, you start out with a desire. You write because you want to inspire others, teach...

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5 reasons why I love blogging

Oct 19, 2020

If you want to write an inspirational blog, but wonder whether blogging is right for you, then today I have something that might help with your decision. Below are five reasons why I love blogging.

These reasons are different than what you might normally hear about blogging.

I'm not talking about content marketing, SEO, or how blogging can make you millions of dollars. I'm talking about why I love the craft of blogging, and how this craft suits my Wildly Authentic Writerly...

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Why your people want to hear from YOU

Oct 11, 2020

One of the big fears my clients have about writing an inspirational blog is that there are too many people writing about the same thing.

The blog world is full, they think. No one wants to hear from ME. I mean, Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Martha Beck, Cheryl Strayed - they're all actively out there writing and inspiring people. If someone can get the help they need from one of those great writers, why would they read MY writing?

This question is most often...

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Say yes to magic

Oct 07, 2020

I'm sitting in my witch house in the back woods.

I am looking at the sun shining on the huckleberry leaves.

I'm drinking a cup of black tea, and I'm eating trail mix.

I'm feeling the energy of it all -- the bigness of everything happening in the world and in the U.S, the bigness of my own work, the bigness of the cedar trees and the blue sky.

I just sent a Confidence Booster Pack to a client, and my heart feels big and soft and squishy and open.

I am reminded that the gifts we bring to our...

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Being afraid does NOT mean you are doing anything wrong

Oct 05, 2020

I pulled an oracle card for us today!

I love using oracle cards to help me answer the deep questions of life. I use them as a kind of meditation to help me feel into the intuitive vibes at play. They consistently help me see what I need to see.

Today, the question I asked was: "What does our community need to know to boost our writing confidence?"

I pulled "The Threshold" card from Kim Krans's "The Wild Unknown Archetypes" deck.

Below you will find a quote about "The Threshold" from the...

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Why WHERE you write matters

Oct 03, 2020

I start my days by making a cup of hot cacao with honey and almond milk. Then I pack my gray rugged backpack with my notebook, laptop, oracle cards, and snacks.

I grab my favorite sweater and warm coat. I put on wool soaks and black rain boots. Then I step out the front door, stopping to admire the Pacific Northwest mountain view. 

Somedays I can see the valley stretch outwards, enclosed by mountains on the far side. Most days the view is covered in fog,...

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You're a magical writer and your words can change lives

Oct 02, 2020

Here's the truth: writing an inspirational blog can be terrifying.

You're taking your truth, your stories, and your heart, and you're putting them out into the world.

This can be so vulnerable, and that vulnerability can trigger lots of self-doubt.

Here's another truth: when there's something your heart wants to say, not saying hurts like hell. In fact, not saying it can hurt way worse than any criticism anyone could ever give you after reading your blog.

As a writing coach, I'm here to help...

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Do What You Are Meant To Do


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