A self-care recommendation for you!

Nov 07, 2020

Today is the day before the Waning Quarter Moon, and that means it's time for a Day of Sacred Rest.

If you haven't shut off the news this week, then today would be the perfect day to take an intentional break.

Take some time, even one hour, to turn off the news, rest, and reflect.

This was a big week, and now it's time to restore your nervous system.


Here is today's featured creation!


One of my favorite self-care practices is Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is a style of...

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What Moth told me today (again!)

Nov 06, 2020

I have some fun oracle card magic for you today!!

One of my creative goals with our daily letters is to pull an animal card once a week from Kim Krans's The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Card Deckand then tell you the message this animal has for us.

I wrote this letter after I pulled the Moth card a couple weeks ago, and I wrote this letter after I pulled the Moth card again last week. I love getting the same animal a couple times in a row, because it means that...

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How your personality type can help you find the right career

Nov 05, 2020

Did you know I have a podcast?!

Every couple weeks my amazing friend, Caitlin Bosshart, and I publish an episode of Full Heart Free Voice Podcast, where we read inspirational books, dive deep into the challenges of being wildly authentic, and talk about how to live a multi-passionate creative life.

This week we published an episode I think you'll enjoy!


If you're a writer who wants to help other people with your words, then my hunch is you are an intuitive person who might...

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Writing isn't just a hobby for you - it's a calling

Nov 04, 2020

Note: I'm writing this letter to you during the morning of the U.S. election. It will come to you without me knowing the results of the election or any news of the impact the election has had on you or on us as a society. I apologize if this letter doesn't acknowledge what has happened. I'm writing now because I haven't turned on the news, and I'm finding the stillness of this rainy autumn morning to be a lovely atmosphere to send you a message. xo


I help women who want to...

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Light on golden leaves

Nov 03, 2020

Light falls on the golden leaves of a vine maple.

This is your gentle reminder to breathe today.

Deep breath in.

Deep breath out.




P.S. Some good self-care things to do today would be to turn off the news, go for a walk, listen to an audiobook, or take a nap. xo

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A confidence boost for your creative heart

Nov 01, 2020

Look up toward the velvety night sky. See the depths of the cosmos there.

It is beauty. It is mystery. Each particle studied and loved by research scientists and poets alike.

You get to be here, just like the stars get to be here.

You get to exist, just like the planets get to exist.

You get to own the space you occupy in the cosmos without question. 

Those who say you can’t be what you want to be, don’t rule your heart.

Those who say you can’t speak the words you...

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Of Samhain and other worlds

Oct 30, 2020
The nights are getting longer. My cozy pajamas have come out, and I am craving drawing inward to other worlds.
October 31 is the Celtic pagan holiday of Samhain (Pronounced Sow-in). There are eight main Celtic holidays. Four follow the sun. These are the solstices and equinoxes. The other four follow the moon. These are Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, and Samhain.
Samhain comes after the Autumnal Equinox and before the Winter Solstice. It is an in-between time, a liminal space. During...
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An oracle card reading for our collective; or moths, possibility, and a light in the dark

Oct 29, 2020

This reading is for all of us. It is what we, as a group, need to hear about what is possible for us this autumn.


Today I asked: What possibility do we need to see this autumn? I picked a card from Kim Krans's Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, and we got Moth.

(If this card looks familiar to you, it's because I picked the same one for us last week! When the same card comes to me again and again, I know it's time for deep listening.)

What I See

As I look at the image...

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The Gift of Darkness

Oct 27, 2020

My husband and I were sitting outside in the mountains at night in hard metal chairs. We were bundled up in layers to keep warm, with our eyes towards the sky. We were with a hundred other people getting ready to watch an amazing show.

A small non-profit had driven a mobile observatory up the mountain. In the back of their truck was a huge telescope and big monitor. One guy pointed the telescope toward astral phenomena, which displayed on the screen. Another guy used a laser pointer to give...

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Why I offer oracle card readings

Oct 26, 2020

We are magical, intuitive people, who can easily get caught in loops of fearful thinking that stop of us from doing our creative work.

These thought-loops go round and round, like this: I want to write -> I'm going to start writing -> But what will people think? -> They'll think I'm crazy! -> I'm going to embarrass myself, and it will be the worst! -> But I really want to write -> But what will people think? --- on and on like that.

Our looping thoughts take...

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Do What You Are Meant To Do


For when you're totally freaking out about being stuck in your Dull Gray Cubicle job forever!!!