5 styles of blogs to inspire others

Nov 18, 2020

When you start writing your blog, one decision that will come up is what kind of blog you want to write. Below, I outline 5 kinds of blogs that work well to inspire others, and at the end of the post I offer suggestions to help you figure out which kind of blog is right for you.

I recommend using what I outline below as a jumping off point to get you brainstorming and help you start writing. You can always mix and match these styles, or even create a kind of blog that's never...

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Should you post your blog on social media?

Nov 17, 2020

When my clients start writing, one of the big questions on their minds is where should they publish their blog. Should they get a website? Should they post on social media? Do they need a newsletter?

The online space can be overwhelming, because there are so many options for where to publish.

It's also overwhelming because there are always people who say every single one of these spaces is the most important place to publish, and if you don't publish there then you're going to be a...

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3 blog ideas to inspire your people

Nov 16, 2020

You've been through a healing journey or challenging time. You've learned and grown a lot from this experience, and now you want to inspire others who are going through the same thing.

How do you inspire others with your story? Here are three blog ideas you could write and publish today to begin helping your people.

1. Share a personal story

What is one impactful experience you can remember where you learned something, grew, or found a solution to a problem?...

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Do you want to write a blog?

Nov 16, 2020

You've been through a healing journey or challenging time. You've learned and grown a lot from this experience, and now you want to inspire others who are going through the same thing.

You want to write a blog, where you know people will be genuinely helped by your writing.

You would love to have the experience where you write a post to inspire others, publish your post online, and then have someone write back telling you how much you helped them.

You know writing online...

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New moon reflection questions

Nov 14, 2020

Today is the New Moon, and that means it's time to feel into the energy of our creative cycles.

This is the time when the moon is smallest in the sky. It provides us with the darkest nights and the best view of the stars.

It is also the beginning of the next moon cycle. This is a great time to contemplate what has been gestating in the dark womb, to see what wants to be born next.


Here are today's New Moon Reflection questions to help you discover what is...

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An audiobook recommendation

Nov 13, 2020

Today is the day before the New Moon. That means it's time for our day of sacred rest.

The New Moon is a time to turn inward. It's a day that calls for quiet contemplation. This is a great time to settle back, take a break, and enjoy some quiet time. To help with this, I have a beautiful audiobook recommendation for you!


Audiobooks are one of my favorite ways to relax. I love puttering around the house with my headphones on, enjoying a good story.

One of my favorite audiobooks...

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What Swan told me today

Nov 11, 2020

I pulled a card for us from Kim Krans's Wild Unknown Animal Spirit card deck. I asked: "What do we need to hear today to help us free our voices?", and we got Swan!

"The Swan is ready to take us to the fluid realm of writing, creating, and reflecting. When the Swan card appears your soul is calling for attention...for solo time. An inner voice is waiting to be heard, an inner vision likely to be revealed." - Kim Krans


When I look at this image of Swan I am drawn to the attitude in...

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You don't have to share your blog with your mom

Nov 10, 2020

You have important and meaningful stories to tell, and you want to tell them online.

Most likely, you want to help people who are going through the same challenging experiences you've gone through. You want to share the wisdom you've learned, so the experience can be easier for your reader.

Your audience are the people who have been through the same thing as you. They are the ones you are writing to.


Sometimes, however, the stories you want to share with your online audience are...

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Why hit publish on your own voice

Nov 09, 2020

I am still in rest & reflection mode after the election last week. I'm so happy Biden & Harris won!!! I also have some hesitation in my celebration, not knowing what #45 might do next and knowing there is BIG work to keep doing.

My mission is to free women's voices, to help us tell our stories, and to help us speak truths that need to be spoken.

I knew this was my mission when #45 won the 2016 election, and the 2020 election makes me feel this purpose deeper in my bones than ever...

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Waning quarter moon reflection questions

Nov 08, 2020

Today is the Waning Quarter Moon, and that means it's time to feel into the energy of our creative cycles.

The waning quarter moon is the halfway mark between the full and new moons. It is a time when the moon is descending into its dark period. This is a time to ask what needs to be released. 


Here are today's Waning Quarter Moon Reflection questions to help you discover what is needed next in your creative journey:

One supportive way to answer these questions...

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Do What You Are Meant To Do


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