Your beautiful and magical voice

Jun 16, 2022

You have a beautiful voice.

Your words are magic.

Your words are a gift.

You have the power to share a message that can change the course of someone’s day or even their whole life.

You can create healing and magic for yourself and others through your writing.

All of this is possible.

It doesn’t matter if other people are writing similar things to you.

Your voice, conveyed through your essence, is unique.

No one but you has lived your life, and no one but you can say what you are here to say how you will say it.

It's so easy to look outward for validation and to want other people to tell you the right way to have a voice in this world.

The journey to the true power of your voice, however, is inward.

Tapping into the truth at your core is the foundation of an empowered voice, and this summer I would love to help you grow this foundation.

In my new writing program, the Summer of Enchanted Writing, you will practice setting aside external expectations about what writing "should" look like, and instead practice letting yourself be your most wildly authentic self in this creative craft you love.

If you're ready to kindle the magic and power in your writing life, then I encourage you to join the Summer of Enchanted Writing today. We start next Thursday, June 23.

I am so excited to help you claim the beauty and magic of your authentic voice. This is going to be so much fun!



P.S. EARLY BIRD BONUS. If you join Summer of Enchanted Writing by tomorrow, June 17, then you will get a bonus 45-minute private coaching session with me, where we'll work through your most pressing writing blocks.


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