You Deserve To Come Alive

Aug 01, 2019

Dear Imaginative Woman,  

Sometimes, we end up in places in life, like in Dull Gray Cubicle jobs, where it feels like our souls are dying.

Whenever this happens, it's time to come alive again, even if your culture has told you differently.

"Oh well, that's life" might be the refrain you hear whenever you complain about your work misery, but that isn't life.

Life is connection to the beating pulse inside of you, and it comes with the feeling of aliveness.

If you don't feel alive, it is time to make a change.


You don't need to be stuck in one way of being forever.

This is one of the gifts of being alive.

Each one of us gets to transform.

This is true, even if people don't want you to change.

Even if people think the pursuit of finding yourself is frivolous.

You get to change your mind, change your beliefs, and become a new person.


What can you do to come alive?

Often times we wait to do things we enjoy until we feel good. I believe the process for feeling good is the opposite.

When I do things that reliably make me come alive, I begin to feel alive again.

For example, I was having a mild existential pity party yesterday.

I sat on the couch and was miserable all day, until the evening, when I finally forced myself to go for a walk.

My local park has a small bird pond. I went there to watch the ducks, feel the breeze, and listen to the fountain.

My angst dissolved. My worry dissipated, and my self-pity subsided.

The more I walked, the more interesting thoughts came to me. Within 30 minutes I was back to planning out creative pursuits and daydreaming about future adventures.

But what if I believed life is miserable and there's nothing you can do about it? What if I thought I should just suck it up and get back to work?

I never would've walked. I would've kept being miserable and sad, day in and day out, waiting for a miracle to happen to make me feel good again.

Instead, doing a small activity I know reliably makes me come alive, brought me back to life. My pity party lasted a few hours, instead of days.


What will you do to seek life this week?

Think back to a moment in the past when you felt joyful. What were you doing? What about that moment made you come alive? Can you do something similar this week? It doesn't have to be the exact same thing. You can do a simple activity that evokes the same qualities.

I love whale watching. Whales makes me feel alive and good, but I didn't have to be on a boat in the ocean to experience a breeze, the sound of water, and beautiful animals. A quick walk in the park did the trick just fine.



P.S. Do a guided 10-minute activity everyday for the next 5 weeks to help you come alive with Find Your True Self Again. The School of Wild Authenticity's new self-paced online course will help you remember who you are, so when it's time to make big decisions about your career, you'll know what you want to do.

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