Writing isn't just a hobby for you - it's a calling

Nov 04, 2020

Note: I'm writing this letter to you during the morning of the U.S. election. It will come to you without me knowing the results of the election or any news of the impact the election has had on you or on us as a society. I apologize if this letter doesn't acknowledge what has happened. I'm writing now because I haven't turned on the news, and I'm finding the stillness of this rainy autumn morning to be a lovely atmosphere to send you a message. xo


I help women who want to inspire and help others through writing an inspirational blog but who can't get started because they are mired in self-doubt and fear of criticism.

This is a simple statement to write; however, the word "want" is somewhat lacking. There is actually something much deeper going on here than simply wanting to write.

My people, ie YOU, are women whose desire to write an inspirational blog holds deep meaning and purpose for them. This style of writing isn't just a hobby, it's a calling.

You feel the persistent desire to write coming from your heart and soul. Even when you've put it away for a while, the soul-level desire to inspire and help others through writing keeps coming back to you.


This can be a bit of a mind-bending desire, however, because it's so deep and soulful it can be hard to know exactly WHY you want to write.

Here's how I shape this answer for myself.

I see the soul-desire to write as a culmination of life times. If past lives are real, then my guess is I have lived through many lifetimes learning how to express myself. In this current life time, expressing myself through online writing that inspires and helps others is the WAY for me.

Because it's my WAY, when I don't inspire and help others through writing I am miserable, and when I do I feel a fulfillment in my heart that's like scratching a mythic-sized itch that only this style of writing can get.

But no matter how I describe the experience, whether past lives are real or not, what I know for sure is I need to write in order to feel right in my life, and this is why the desire is persistent. It has always been there, and there's no sign it's going away.


I'm writing about this today, because I want you to know it's ok if the breadth and depth of your desire to write feels like a giant mystery. It's ok if you can't say with exacting accuracy why you want to write so you can inspire and help others.

Here is the truth: you just do, and if this desire feels like a calling for you, I believe it will keep coming back to you again and again.

We are people who need to scratch the mythic-sized itch in our hearts to write inspiring and helpful words for others. 

Breathe in the truth of this, and then ask yourself these questions to help you start feeling right in your life:

  • What tiny thing can you write today to scratch the itch to inspire and help others?
  • What would be the easiest online platform for you to hit publish on these words today?

If the desire to write won't go away, even when you give up your dream to write, then why not start now?



P.S. Forward this letter to a friend who needs to remember the truth of her heart's desire today.

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P.P.P.S. For a good book on fulfilling your desire to write, read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.


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