Why write one blog post?

Feb 21, 2021
Next week I'll be running a really fun challenge called Write and Publish One Blog Post. Why write just one blog post? What will this do for you?
Here's what I believe:
If you have a desire to write online or start a blog, but you've never taken action on that, then writing and publishing even one post is a huge accomplishment.
Getting started is the biggest hurdle, and by finally doing it you'll learn a few things:
* You'll learn you can actually do it. If you don't write because you believe you can't write, then by doing this challenge and writing this post you'll show yourself you CAN do it!
* You'll learn that writing a post and publishing it online won't kill you. If you're overwhelmed by fear, believing all the horrible things will happen when you write, then by taking the leap and writing this post you'll learn it's possible to express yourself AND survive. Plus, with the challenge you might even THRIVE, because you won't be alone.
* You'll learn if blogging is the right craft for you. If you don't know whether you really want to blog or not, then writing one post will go a long way to answering this question. Maybe you'll do it and discover blogging isn't for you - that's great because then you can set your sights on a new creative endeavor. But if you learn you love blogging, then you'll get a big heap of validation that this idea is the right one for you.
I'd love for you to join the challenge, so you can get the support to write one post, and then get all the benefits that come with that.
Writing one post is a HUGE accomplishment. With this challenge my hope is you'll gain the momentum, courage, and confidence to believe in yourself, write, and keep writing, and I would love to help you every step of the way.
P.S. There will be a super fun prize for someone who shares their published post during the challenge!
P.P.S. I'll be doing the challenge, too. I have a personal blog I've been waiting to start, and I can't wait to write my first post!
P.P.P.S. Share this letter with a friend who would love to start blogging!

Hi, I'm Emma Veritas!

I'm a writer, blogging coach, personal development teacher, and oracle card reader. I've been writing inspirational blogs, newsletters, and social media posts for 7+ years. This practice has grown me, and calls me ever deeper into healing everything that stops me from showing up as my true self. It has changed my life, and it changes the lives of my readers everyday. 

I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in English from the Honor's Program at the University of Massachusetts, where I wrote my thesis on the power of story during hard times.

I completed Martha Beck's Life Coach Training

I'm an endorsed Soul's Calling Coach.

I am an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, and I have been studying energetic healing, meditation, and the intuitive arts for 15+ years.

I am a life long learner in the craft of writing, most recently completing courses on fiction writing and plot development through WritersHQ.

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