Why your people want to hear from YOU

Oct 11, 2020

One of the big fears my clients have about writing an inspirational blog is that there are too many people writing about the same thing.

The blog world is full, they think. No one wants to hear from ME. I mean, Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Martha Beck, Cheryl Strayed - they're all actively out there writing and inspiring people. If someone can get the help they need from one of those great writers, why would they read MY writing?

This question is most often answered with anxious beliefs, like believing no one will care about your posts, or worse, that no one could possibly benefit from them. This thought is so painful it has the potential to end your writing dreams.

If this fear is coming up for you then I have a suggestion. Try asking the question again, but this time instead of immediately answering it with lots of negative beliefs, ask the question slowly and with open curiosity. Take a moment to breathe, to soften your heart, and to look for the positive answer.

Why would people read your writing? Turn your heart to the positive answer.


Here is what I believe: the match up of reader and writer is like a lock and key.

Have you ever noticed there are writers that everyone LOVES, but you just can't get into them. You want the information they have to share, but you need to hear it from another voice. When you do, the lock goes click. You receive the message, but you needed it from the voice that works for you.

It is like this with your readers, too. You hold within you a unique combination of the message you share via your writing gifts, voice, and magic. This combination is what will make your writing work for your readers, and this is the reason people will read and benefit from your writing, even if there are other writers out there in the world with a similar message.

When you ask why people would read your writing, the answer is that your unique gifts, your powerful voice, and your special magic will work for your readers, like a lock and key.


If you're wondering what your gifts, voice, and magic are, then I want you to know that this is what the Confidence Booster Pack is for.

I will create your pack by pulling three oracle cards representing your gifts, voice, and magic. Then I will do a sacred ceremony and intuitive reading to give you a detailed explanation of each card.  

The purpose of this offer is to help you see, finally, just why your people want and need to hear from YOU.

If you're in pain from not writing, and you're struggling to see why people would receive value from your voice, then please sign up today, so you can discover what your gifts, voice, and magic are and then start changing people's lives through your unique writing.



P.S. Forward this letter to someone you know who worries no one will ever read their writing!

P.P.S. My clients are LOVING their Confidence Booster Packs! They're not only amazing for your self-esteem, but they're also beautiful and fun!


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