Why I offer oracle card readings

Oct 26, 2020

We are magical, intuitive people, who can easily get caught in loops of fearful thinking that stop of us from doing our creative work.

These thought-loops go round and round, like this: I want to write -> I'm going to start writing -> But what will people think? -> They'll think I'm crazy! -> I'm going to embarrass myself, and it will be the worst! -> But I really want to write -> But what will people think? --- on and on like that.

Our looping thoughts take our energy and attention away from our creative work.

I have found oracle cards to be a reliable way to cut through the thought-loops and create a new line of thought. This new line of thought is towards healing, growth, and development. Oracle cards help me take new action, so I can devote my time and attention to my creativity.


Oracle cards are decks of card with images printed on them - like animals, plants, or archetypes. Each card has an inspirational message to help you see something you need to see.

When I do oracle readings for you, I do a sacred ceremony on your behalf. In the ceremony I create a luscious space of healing, where I pick the oracle deck that calls to me for you. 

I shuffle the cards while asking a question on your behalf, and I sit in meditation to receive intuitive answers to your question. Then I write your reading as a downloadable PDF that includes images of your cards, detailed meanings of each card, and all the intuitive messages I receive for you.

I have found this to be one the most effective ways for me to help you, because intuitive writing is my gift.

I have always been able to sit still, feel the vibration of what is going on beneath the surface, and then write about it. This is a gift I was born with, and it is also a craft I have honed through years of writing inspirational blog posts and creating oracle readings for clients.


Here is an example shared with permission.

In a recent reading I asked a question on behalf of my client. Then I picked a card from Kim Krans's Animal Spirit Card Deck.

I looked at the card, connected to the animal, and asked my client's question. Right away I could feel in my gut the energy of the answer.

I had picked The Lion. When I looked at the image of the card I saw Lion sitting regally and strong. I saw him using his power to avoid distractions and engage deeply with what mattered most. I felt the energy of this in my heart and gut, and then translated it into a message that held deeply personal meaning for my client.

The Lion brought her the answer to her question, and she knew immediately the next step she needed to take in her creative life. She got a big high five from the universe to have more boundaries around her creativity, and to set aside the things in her life that drained her creative energy.

She returned a heartfelt message to me about how those were just the words she needed to hear. 


Honestly, the most common reply I receive to my readings is how spot on they are.

The reason I offer oracle readings as my main service, however, isn't because of their accuracy. It's because of the healing impact they hold for my clients.

After absorbing their readings, my clients report feeling seen in ways they have never felt seen before.

They make decisions with clarity, using the new information that is now available to them.

They turn their energy towards their creativity, as they receive high fives from the universe to do what their soul most wants to do.

I love oracle readings because my clients experience the incredible healing of acknowledging truths they may have never acknowledged before, and they are set free to be their wildly authentic selves.

There are many ways to help writers like you, but what I have found is owning and claiming my witchy, magical gift of intuitive writing is absolutely the most effective way for ME to help you.


If you would love a reading from me, you can receive a Confidence Booster Pack, which is available for purchase everyday of the year. :)

Also, as I engage deeper with the cycles of creativity in my own life, I will be offering special Oracle Readings for you throughout the year on the Pagan festivals:

  • Samhain (Halloween / Mid-Autumn) 
  • Yule (Winter Solstice)
  • Imbolc (Mid-Winter)
  • Ostera (Spring Equinox)
  • Beltane (Mid-Spring)
  • Litha (Summer Solstice)
  • Lammas (Mid-Summer)
  • Mabon (Autumn Equinox)

We'll be following the wheel of the year, connecting with the seasonal energies and how they impact your creative life. With these readings, you will discover the next right step for you as you engage the great work of starting to write and then continuing to write.

These readings are deep and magical. I promise to bring my A-game and share my intuitive vibrational energetic wordy magic with you, undiluted, so you can harness your own wildly authentic gifts and make the impact YOU are here to make.



P.S. Right now I am offering Halloween (Samhain) readings! Click here to find out about the energies at play right now, and to discover the question I will be answering for you this Samhain. These readings are available for purchase until Saturday October 31, 2020. (Only 6 days left!)


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