Why I'm Taking a BIG Break From Social Media

Oct 20, 2019

Dear Writerly Woman,

I took a week-long break from social media a couple weeks ago. During that week, I emailed a series of letters to you about writing in peace, but I didn't post anything on my social media pages.

And you know what?! It was the best. thing. ever!!!

Writing to you without posting more online gave me a sense of inner quiet I haven't experienced in a long time.

It felt like the quiet you experience in the woods on an autumnal day, or the soft quietness that comes after meditation or getting a massage.

I was free from the cacophony of social media, and it was wonderful.

Now, I'll say right up front that I'm usually a big fan of platforms like Instagram and Facebook Groups.

I'm into the high energy play that can happen there, and I love the sense of connecting to a giant community.

But after my week-long social media break was done, I couldn't stop thinking about that beautiful quietude. I wanted more of it. A lot more.

In this gorgeous season where the light has been getting darker and I have been getting sleepier, I've been craving a safe, private, quiet space to feel a sense of closer, deeper connection.

All I wanted to do was write letters to you, like in the olden days when writing was the main way to connect with people at a distance.

And so I began playing with the idea of taking a much bigger break from social media, probably for the autumn and winter, and writing to you more here, in this peaceful newsletter space.

This felt amazing, until directly on the heels of this idea came a flood of anxiety.

I could hear all the voices of all the business gurus I've ever listened to saying:

  • Posting on social media is the only way to succeed. Without it you will fail greatly!!!!! If you take a big break you will diminish into the shadows of obscurity!!!!

This was not a quiet, peaceful voice. This was fear clutching at my heart and filling my mind with its din.

My hunch is you might have had thoughts like these right on the heels of a creative epiphany.

The initial hit of the new idea is all wonder and excitement, until you imagine what people will say, the epic failure which could happen, and the horror of creative shame.

Here are the big questions that come up for me at times like these:  What do I do when my soul longs to create something that will break all the rules? Do I do my soul's desire, or ignore it and follow the rules??

As I asked myself these questions about taking a big social media break, I felt two things:

  • The beauty of hope and peace and wonder as I dreamt about writing you more letters without thinking about social media. {Hear the angels singing in the background.}
  • And, massive anxiety and fear of failure as I was convinced this would be my ultimate downfall. {See me struggling alone on a dusty highway.}

I already knew I would do what I've learned to do over the past few years. I would follow my soul, and I would take a big break from social media and write here more often. Knowing this, however, didn't make the fear less easy to confront.

In fact, knowing my decision amped up the fear to a high pitch. All the "What ifs..." and disaster scenarios played out in my mind.

After a few days of this, I decided to write you this letter, so I could tip myself from scary decision making mode into feeling what it's like to be doing the thing I wanted to do.

This letter is me saying aloud what I'm going to do, and it's me saying to the universe that I'm here, and I'm willing to show up for this creative journey, no matter how strange and scary it gets.

And even as I write, things are becoming more clear and a little less scary.

I'm seeing my need for quiet more clearly than before. I'm seeing just how tired I am right now, in mid-October, when hibernation season is beginning.

I'm remembering that my mission is to seek wild authenticity in my life and to show writerly women how to do the same. Right now that means bowing to my natural rhythms and not the rules of the outer world.

I hear more clearly the call of my soul and body to take a break from social media, until my soul and body call me back to it.

And so the reason I'm taking a big break from social media is that this feels like freedom, like truth, and like wild authenticity.

I'm reminded today that there doesn't have to be any other reason.

Consider this letter your permission slip to break whatever creative rules you need to break in service to your creativity.

What I know is the only thing that matters is you get to write in a way that feels like peace and freedom to YOU, no matter what "the rules" say.

Ok... You'll be seeing a bit more of me in your inbox over the next few months, as I write letters to you in the quiet autumnal space of my cozy bed.

Until tomorrow or the next day...




P.S. Did you know I'm a writing coach? I love working with women who want to write, but who struggle to get words on the page because writing feels scary or painful to them. Let's work together to free your voice and make your writing ideas happen. Learn more about my private coaching program here.

P.P.S. In personal news, I drove home to California from Washington state this week. It was a LONG drive, and I listened to many podcasts. If you've been looking for a new podcast, here are a few of my favorite shows from the road. Have a podcast to recommend to me?! Please do by hitting reply to this email. I love hearing from you!


Emma Veritas is a writer and writing coach. She's a committed blogger and is currently working on edits to her first novel. She graduated with her Bachelor's degree in English from the Honor's Program at the University of Massachusetts, where she wrote her thesis on the power of story during hard times. She has completed Martha Beck's Life Coach Training and is an endorsed Soul's Calling Coach. She is a life long learner in the craft of writing, most recently completing courses on fiction writing and plot development through WritersHQ.

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