Why hit publish on your own voice

Nov 09, 2020

I am still in rest & reflection mode after the election last week. I'm so happy Biden & Harris won!!! I also have some hesitation in my celebration, not knowing what #45 might do next and knowing there is BIG work to keep doing.

My mission is to free women's voices, to help us tell our stories, and to help us speak truths that need to be spoken.

I knew this was my mission when #45 won the 2016 election, and the 2020 election makes me feel this purpose deeper in my bones than ever before.


The reason I do the work I do, helping you write your inspirational blog, is because I believe women hitting publish on their own voices is one of the greatest actions we can take to dissolve the patriarchy and create a world of equity.

Women and BIPOC have traditionally been kept out of the publishing industry, but with the advent of blogging, social media, and indie-publishing, the mostly white male gatekeepers are no longer in charge of our voices reaching an audience.

When you hit publish on your own words it is a direct act away from the old system and towards the new system where you get to take a stand for yourself and decide your voice, your thoughts, and your ideas are worthwhile. Not only worthwhile but meaningful and important.


The patriarchal system, especially, does not womxn or BIPOC voices out in the world. It doesn’t want the truth to be known. It doesn’t want us to say the wildly authentic things on our hearts, because our wild authenticity changes things.

More Americans than ever before came out to vote last week, and that changed things. AND, patriarchy and white supremacy are still strong. This is our time to free our voices, speak our truths, and put our wild authenticity out into the world.

With a huge glass ceiling broken, it’s our time to keep going. And here’s the wonderful thing, you hitting publish on your own wildly authentic words is a powerful step you can take to change the system. Are you ready to get started? What will you write today?



P.S. Forward this letter to a woman you know who could use encouragement to hit publish on her blog!

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