Should you post your blog on social media?

Nov 17, 2020

When my clients start writing, one of the big questions on their minds is where should they publish their blog. Should they get a website? Should they post on social media? Do they need a newsletter?

The online space can be overwhelming, because there are so many options for where to publish.

It's also overwhelming because there are always people who say every single one of these spaces is the most important place to publish, and if you don't publish there then you're going to be a huge failure.

You might feel the pressure to have a website, publish on all the social media spaces, and have an email newsletter, but is this really necessary? Where do you really need to publish?


For women like us, who crave authenticity, I think the most important question to ask isn't which space will bring you the most success but which space will inspire you to write and keep writing.

The thing is, no one will find you if you never publish anything. The only way to reach your audience as a blogger is to write and publish.

However, if you try to force yourself to publish in a way that is inauthentic to you, it could sap your motivation and block you from writing.

In my opinion, there is no point to forcing yourself to publish in a space that's going to dry your creative well and make your writing come to a stop.


For example, over the years I've gone back and forth about posting on social media.

Sometimes, I get into sharing my blog on Facebook or Instagram, get excited about it, and get deep into checking my likes. By the end of the day, all my focus goes into checking on my already published post instead of into creating a new post.

Posting on social media doesn't make me feel connected to my people. Instead, I feel connected to craving social attention. This drains my energy, burns me out, and stops my creative flow.

Yes, posting on social media is what most marketers say to do nowadays to reach an audience, but the truth is if I want to write and keep writing, it's not the place for me.

Instead, I publish my blog on my website and newsletter.


Writing on my newsletter helps me focus, because I am speaking to one audience, YOU, and I love the action of deepening our relationship over time in this quiet space.

I love investing in you, because you have invested in me by downloading my workbook and inviting me into your email.

This space feels vibrant and alive to me, and I feel inspired to write to you everyday and keep writing.

I also love publishing on my website, because it helps people find me when they search on Google for the topics I write about. I feel motivated to write for people who are searching for solutions to the problems I solve. So, this works for me!

However, I have a friend for whom this set up would not work at all.


She posts on Instagram and has found inspiration that way.

Publishing on a website is uninspiring to her because it feels like she's posting into a void. She doesn't experience connection that way, so it doesn't inspire her to keep writing.

She loves Instagram and experiencing the immediate connection that happens there, and she's happy to do the work to help the algorithms reach her people.

If she were to publish her blog my way, she would stop writing, so there's no point to it.

If I were to publish her way, I would stop writing, so there's no point to that, either.


The Wildly Authentic approach to deciding where to publish online is this: Which platform inspires you to write and keep writing? Which platform makes you feel authentically connected to your people? Publish there. 



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