When you know the importance of ice cream

Jan 07, 2021

I started a writing prompt course a few days ago, and today I want to share one of the pieces I wrote with all of you!

This was such a fun prompt. I found myself saying things I didn't expect. These are things I normally don't share, but they are pieces of me I want to explore more.

This is one of those examples where writing can help you see things about yourself you normally don't see.

So...if you ever wanted to get to know me a little better and if you want a little inspiration for sharing more of yourself online, here you go!


Prompt: Why You Should Pick Me...

1. You should pick me because I have a tender heart.

2. Because I like people

3. Because I found a way to make chocolate at home and it's out-of-this-world delicious

4. Because I like to stare out windows

5. I've been staring out windows all my life. Even when I was a kid, I remember on Middle St, just staring out the window and looking at the people walking by...the people getting ice cream at the Dairy Dome

6. I grew up right next door to an ice cream shop, and I know the importance of ice cream

7. Even though I don't eat gluten or dairy or grains and very little sugar, I've found a way to make incredibly delicious ice cream at home. It's so good that my nephew's eyes light up whenever it comes to the table. It's so good it was one of the highlights of his 3 year birthday party just last night. (We live in a quarantine bubble all together here, so the b-day party was a-ok!) 

8. I love playing with kids.

9. I know how to play. I love making up games and getting in the mix.

10. I always want to be in the mix.

11. I know the value of doing yoga in the evening and also playing video games too late.

12. I'm good at a lot of things, but there are some things I'm terrible at, like hula hoops and mail

13. I have a diamond ring I love but don't always wear. It's beautiful and sometimes when I'm wearing it the beauty strikes me during the day and I just can't believe what I'm looking at and I can't believe I'm the one wearing it. And it shines and I love the shine

14. I love my husband, genuinely. He's sweet and ridiculous and cranky and funny and outspoken and I love all that.

15. I talk to the universe on a regular basis, even though I have no idea what the universe even is.

16. I ask for help from the invisible enlightened ones. Sometimes they are the only ones who can help. Sometimes, it is the only action available, and so I do it.

17. On a day like today, when the world is splitting apart and people have stormed the senate I know to go on a walk.

18. I will be there, no matter what.

19. Except that's not exactly true, because I'm not scared to have boundaries. So I'm not there no matter what, but if it feels right and not codependent, then I'll be there.

20. I want to go on a trip to Spain, so bad, and secretly maybe to mars or the moon. I mean, I think I would hate going to space, and whenever my husband and I talk about it I always say I would hate to go to mars or the moon, but I think there is a secret part of me that wants to go to outer space and thinks it would be amazing to be up there, away from it all.

21. On a day to like today, when domestic terrorists have stormed the capitol building, I feel rage. I see injustice, and I seek for what's going on beneath the surface. I hold the energy. I feel it. I feel. I believe feeling your feelings should never be undervalued.

22. I had a biological father who was horrible, and I fought against him. I fought quietly, but persistently, until the day I stopped talking to him forever. I found freedom on that day.

23. I'm a gemini with an aries moon sign and libra rising sign, which means there's a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to me.

24. I have my own business, and my business works. People come to me for help and that's the most amazing thing that has every happened in my life.

25. I'm not scared to raise my hand in class.

26. I love tea. I love friendship. I love long meandering chats. I love long meandering walks. I love.

27. I've experienced heartbreak. And heart openings, and now my heart is always feeling.

28. I can feel energy. Literally.

29. I love magic. I am a witch. 

30. Sometimes I feel like shit and everything falls apart and I don't know who I am or what I'm meant to do or how anything works and I crumble and fall apart.

31. But I can usually reach through that feeling towards something that will bring me back to myself. And that's how I see life, as a continuous cycle toward and away from my soul.

33. I love the moon cycles. They are where I live. 

34. I love spells, even though I don't really know how they work or what they are really, but I think I might do magic spells a lot and I think that's great.

35. I stick to things. I stick to ideas. I stick to life. I stick to routines. I stick to systems. I'm sticky.

36. I really appreciate an analytical mind.

37. I love learning. 

38. I follow the tracks.

39. I rest when I need rest.

40. I take breaks but I also go for it.

41. I've found the perfect organic decaf English Breakfast tea and I will drink it for as long as they offer it.

42. The answer to everything. I've read Hitchhiker's Guide.



P.S. The writing class I'm taking is Laurie Wagner's 27 Wilder Days, and also, you should check out my friend, Joyce Belcher, who trained with Laurie and offers amazing writing classes!

P.P.S. Share this letter with a friend who wants inspiration to share truth things online!

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