What Moth told me today

Oct 20, 2020

I pulled an oracle card for you all today! I asked: "What do you need to know to help you write?", and I pulled the Moth card from Kim Krans's The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck.

When I tuned into the energy of Moth I listened for a message, and she reminded me of the importance of reconnecting to your why around writing.


When you pursue a craft like blogging, you start out with a desire. You write because you want to inspire others, teach something you know, or share your personal stories.

You write because you want to connect with the creative flow and help others through your words. This desire is big and real and comes straight from your heart.

But when it comes time to actually write, self-doubt can get in the way. 

You might get overwhelmed by imposter syndrome, thinking you can't possibly say you're an expert in your topic. You might worry about showing the world who you really are. Will everyone think you're crazy? You might worry your writing skills or grammar aren't good enough. You don't want to be embarrassed by typos!

All of these worries are like a blanket, covering up your original desire, so all you can see is your fear of how people might criticize you.


When this happens, one thing you can do to break through self-doubt is to connect back to your why.

Connect back to the power of your heart and your desire. Remember the people you want to help, the people whose lives could be made better because you shared your story.

There are very real ways your readers can benefit from your writing.

There are the people whose days could be made by one of your posts. There are the people who could learn something new, who could be inspired to make their lives better, or who could come to a new understanding about something confusing in their life.


In Kim Krans's explanation of the Moth she says, "No matter the illusion, no one is exempt from the trials and tribulations of this great journey. Practice seeing life as an infinite mystery rather than wishing it was easier or different."

This reminds me that sometimes the way how blogging works is a bit of a mystery. It might be the last person you expect who will write back and tell you your words touched them that day.

Remember, you never know whose day or life could be changed by your writing. There is more at stake here than the critical things people might say - there are the lives waiting to be inspired by the truths you are here to share.

Let's keep writing and making the impact we are here to make.



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