What You Need To Make Your Dream Career Happen

Aug 08, 2019

Dear Imaginative Woman,

The women I work with are stuck in careers which are killing their souls.

They daydream about getting windfalls of cash that would allow them to leave their Dull Gray Cubicle (DGC) jobs and pursue their dream careers.

They want to win the lottery. They want a rich spouse or a philanthropist to give them money. They fantasize about an unknown rich aunt leaving them money in her will.

I had all these fantasies, and more, when I was working in my DGC job. I wanted something or someone to swoop into my life and save me, because I couldn't see a way out on my own.

I didn't want to look for a new job on career websites. That was way too boring and stressful. Plus, I didn't want another job that would just recreate the same pain I was in.

But I didn't know what else to do. If a windfall of cash wasn't coming my way, I believed I was totally stuck.


What I know now is that there was a way out, but it didn't involve anyone saving me or me having to get a different boring job.

Instead, I devoted time to tending my own heart and soul. I helped my True Self come alive again after the years of soul-crushing work I had been doing.

When I did this, a different way forward began to emerge.

I had been blocking my sense of possibility for so long, sitting in my cubicle, completely depleted during the day, and numbing out on food and TV at night.

But when I started to take action to heal my True Self, I realized I didn't have to wait for someone to save me.

Instead, I could make my own decisions, following the call of my heart, to make my dream career happen.

I wasn't sure of the exact path I was going to take at first, but I began to believe my True Self knew the way.


My True Self had to become my guide.

My very first decision was to go back to school to become trained as a healer.

This is what I REALLY wanted to do, in my most authentic heart-of-hearts.

Instead of staying in my Dull Gray Cubicle job, my husband and I moved across the country to California, where he could have better opportunities in his career and I would have access to the kinds of schools I wanted to go to.

I went down to part-time at my job, working remotely, while I completed life coach training and started to build my business.

When things were financially sustainable, I quit my job altogether.

I made each of these decisions by first checking in with my True Self and making sure it was what I really wanted. I made sure that each decision was authentic and right.

Over time, and through many tiny persistent steps my dream career unfolded.

I'm no longer stuck in my Dull Gray Cubicle job. My soul does not feel like it's dying. In fact, sitting here, writing this email to you (which is part of my work) is enlivening my soul, not crushing it.


I believe, more than anything, what you need to make your dream career happen is access to your True Self.

She is where all your passion, energy, and heart live.

She is the one who knows what you really want to do and what decisions you need to make to get there. 

This is why I've created The School of Wild Authenticity's signature online course, Find Your True Self Again. I want to do everything I can to help you connect to the most important guide in your life, so you can make your own dream career come true.



P.S. Get complimentary access to Week 1 of Find Your True Self Again to try out the course and see if it's right for you!

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