What Whale knows about saying goodbye to 2020

Dec 31, 2020

I picked an oracle card from Kim Krans's "The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit" deck to bring us a message about saying goodbye to 2020, and we got Whale.

"We can depend on Whale personalities when all else seems lost, and trust them to be a beacon in our darkest hour." - Kim Krans


As I sit with Whale I see her nose pointing upwards. She is coming up out of the deep water. She is going to the surface for a big breath of fresh air.

Whale says, "It is time to come up for air. Look out across the ocean to the new horizon. The depths will always be there, but you can also come up for air. This is the time to do that."


What does coming up for air mean to you?

For me this feels like all the deep, hard stuff we're processing from this year will always be there for us. Grieving, contemplating, and integrating is the work of the deep ocean. We can go down there whenever we feel the call, just like whales dive deep.

But Whales also need to breathe fresh air. They have to come to up to the shallows and the surface in order to live.

We need this too. We need breaks from the depths so we can live our lives.

On this New Year's Eve, let yourself be a little shallow. Allow yourself a little time to look at positive things. Give your mind and soul a break from the depths as you say goodbye to 2020, and let yourself see the glimmer of hope on the horizon the new year creates.

I'm wishing you many blessings this New Year's Eve.



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