What the Osha Plant Can Teach Us About Summer

Jul 03, 2021

"Osha often refuses to be cultivated, preferring to maintain its home in the hills. Osha encourages you to treat yourself and your story the same - do not think you must change yourself in order to be respected as a wisdom keeper. What is in you is enough."

- Blaire Porter and Brit June, Threads of Fate Oracle (Rose Edition)


This year in the Pacific Northwest summer has taken on a life of its own. Last week temperatures reached 110 degrees, and though the days are now cloudy and cool again, they are also very dry.

Climate change is transforming the face of what summer, and all seasons, are for us, and for me this transformation brings fear and grief with it.

We usually change our lives with each season. How we live when the days are short and cool is different than how we live when the days are long and hot. Our capacity changes. Our energy changes. Our desires change.

For me, fear and grief are a companion of most times of transition, even the regular seasonal ones, but this year these emotions are heightened as what we can normally expect from summer has changed.

I feel the Osha card calling us into an exploration of the changing nature of what we can expect.

This is a time to explore not what you wish things were or what you think things should be, but to explore how things are, truly.

What has been unexpected so far this season? What is changing so dramatically that everything must change around it? Which of these changes are born of desired growth, and which of these changes come with fear and grief? 

Harness the fiery heat of the sun to illuminate the truth of what is changing, and only after seeing the truth set an intention for what is next.

This is the deep work, the fiery work, the work of a cauldron boiling ingredients in your heart to create new medicine for what is authentically needed now.

I don't have many answers today - mostly questions. But may these questions lead you down roads to a destiny that serves the highest good of all.



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