What Swan told me today

Nov 11, 2020

I pulled a card for us from Kim Krans's Wild Unknown Animal Spirit card deck. I asked: "What do we need to hear today to help us free our voices?", and we got Swan!

"The Swan is ready to take us to the fluid realm of writing, creating, and reflecting. When the Swan card appears your soul is calling for attention...for solo time. An inner voice is waiting to be heard, an inner vision likely to be revealed." - Kim Krans


When I look at this image of Swan I am drawn to the attitude in her face. She is standing tall. She's confident. Nothing holds her back. She sees her reflection clearly. She knows exactly who she is, no longer believing any lies she was taught about herself as a child. She is free. She is ready.

When I ask Swan for a message, I hear her say: "You need to see yourself clearly. That is the first step to freeing your voice. See yourself for who you really are, no longer believing stories you tell yourself about who you are. It is time to see your reflection clearly."

Seeing yourself clearly is one of the biggest confidence boosters to help you free your voice, because it is most often the lies we believe about ourselves that stop us from writing and hitting publish.


How do you know when you see yourself clearly?

What I have discovered is that the truth feels like freedom. This isn't about positive or negative truths, though. It's just truth.

For example, one shiny truth about me is that I'm good at keeping schedules and following through on projects. My personality and temperament are built for that. When I own this truth, I no longer believe I'm flaky or lazy, and I'm less afraid to make commitments to the crafts I love, like blogging daily.  That feels like freedom to me!

A not so shiny truth about me is that my brain tends towards addiction. I can easily get addicted to alcohol, TV, or social media. Discovering I was an addict might have sounded like a negative thing at the time; however, this discovery has brought me more freedom than any other truth I've discovered about myself, because it meant I could get the help I needed.

Truth = Freedom.


In her book, Steering By Starlight, Martha Beck offers a simple way to test whether something you believe about yourself is true or not. She recommends asking the question, "Does your thought feel like freedom or prison?"

For example, if you believe you can't write and that everyone will hate everything you say, ask yourself if living a life where you believe this thought feels like freedom or prison.

If it feels like prison, try on a new belief. Try believing, even for a second, that you can write and that your intended audience will love your writing and be helped by it. Then ask yourself if living a life where you believe this new thought feels like freedom or prison. If it feels like freedom, then it's what's really true about you.

To free your voice and see your reflection clearly, seek the self-beliefs that feel like freedom.



P.S. Forward this letter to someone you know who needs to remember the truth of who they are today.

P.P.S. I highly recommend reading Steering By Starlight by Martha Beck and Loving What Is by Byron Katie. They both offer amazing tools to help you break through limiting beliefs.

P.P.P.S. If you would love my help to see yourself clearly, and you would also love a deep dive into oracle card magic, I recommend signing up for a Confidence Booster Pack. These readings are an in-depth experience in helping you see the value and beauty of what you bring to your people as a writer.


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