What I learned from Swan in 2020

Dec 24, 2020

One of the special things about oracle cards is that sometimes there are specific cards that come to you again and again.

This year, one card which came to me frequently was Swan.

For a few weeks in a row I would shuffle my Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, created by Kim Krans, and out Swan would come, with her gorgeous feathers, long neck, and strong beak.


She came to me when I was creating a podcast episode about the story of "The Ugly Duckling" and my journey of realizing I would never find belonging in the community I was raised in, because my true self was a swan and never really a duck, just like the little duckling in the story.

That episode was a particularly challenging one for me, because I shared a lot more about my life story than I ever had before.

I dug deep into my history about breaking contact with my family of origin. I explained about the Misfit Wound and what it was like to grow up in a town where I never fit in.

This was a vulnerable episode for me, and every time the Swan card showed up she reminded me why I was doing it.


"The Ugly Duckling" is a story not just about the little duckling's experience of exile from the farm yard, but about the happy ending when the little duckling realizes he's a swan and discovers a community of other swans where he can be loved exactly as he is.

When I picked the Swan card, I would remember I didn't want to just share my experience of exile. I wanted the episode to be about how I also found freedom when I discovered a community that truly loved me and how I learned to love myself.


Swan came to me again and again, and this fun, magical synchronicity of shuffling cards and pulling one that was so closely related to my creative work helped me remember just how important my story was for me to share.

Swan was a wonderful Animal Ally for a creative project I honestly could've quit or backed down from, because it was extra vulnerable and scary.

I was able to keep going and hit publish, because Swan reminded me of the story of belonging I truly wanted to tell.


Did any special animals come to you this year? Maybe they showed up in dreams. Maybe you had cool sightings of local wild animals. Take some time to journal about this animal and discover the wisdom they had for you in 2020.



P.S. You can listen to this special podcast episode right here.

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