What I learned from Owl in 2020

Dec 27, 2020

At the very beginning of the year, I pulled an interesting spread of oracle cards from Kim Krans's "The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit" deck.

I asked to see my soul's path for the year and the obstacle in the way of this path.

For the path I picked Owl, and for the obstacle I picked Hawk.

A very clear message came through.


Owls use their auditory systems to hunt. They fly silently through trees, and they listen for the scratching sounds of rodents in the undergrowth. They can hear them under leaves and even under snow.

Hawks, however, hunt mainly through sight. They fly high and scan the ground. They can see rabbits from up to 1 mile away.

What Owl taught me from this spread was that my path this year was about listening.

I needed to stop searching for what I was looking for from the intensity of "watching like a hawk", and to start listening to the world around me from the quiet of my heart.

"Listening to the world around me" seemed like an especially important phrase when I got the spread.

To me this meant listening for what was going on beneath the surface when reading the news or social media posts.

I felt the call to engage more deeply with what was going on in the world and to ask what was really happening here.

I knew this meant paying more attention to the news, and that this would be an area of growth for me.


For the past few years, I've tended to stay clear of reading or watching the news too much, not because I don't care or don't want to make an impact, but because I haven't wanted to spend my days looking at #45's face, which covered the headlines.

The thing is, #45 is a big trauma trigger for me, especially in terms of having grown up with narcissists who had points-of-view very close to his own.

So in order for me to not spend his presidency curled up in a ball in bed and instead be a functional person participating in making things better I needed to take a hiatus from reading the news everyday.

I supported activists as much as I could, and I continued with my work in the world to help women free their voices, but then Owl came to me, asking me to engage more deeply.


Over the years I've built a lot of trust in the connections I have to animal allies, and so I was willing to take the leap and start reading the news again in the new way Owl was teaching me - by going into a silent heart space first to hear what was going on beneath the surface.

I didn't know why this was needed when I pulled the Owl card, but looking back over 2020 and the bigness of all the things that happened, it's easy to see why I needed to listen.

For most of us, our lives look very different today than when 2020 started.

The pandemic has uprooted our lives (or rooted our lives depending on how you look at it). The U.S. Presidential election was an intense emotional roller coaster ride, and George Floyd's murder and the protests that followed rocked our hearts and minds.

If there was a year to listen it was this year.

I spent much of the year reading educational resources about antiracism, listening to antiracist podcasts, and following black, indigenous, and people of color writers online.

I read thought-provoking articles about the election, and I've followed and grieved the pandemic.

As I've listened, I've sought to hear the rhythm underneath everything, and what I've found is the beat of transformation, the chaotic clanging of everything falling apart, and the understanding that the healing I have to offer is for this moment.

Throughout the year, I've meditated with Owl, and I've heard her say again and again, "Your work is for this moment." The more silent I got, the louder this message rang out.


Then I had an incredible conversation on my podcast with my friend and teacher, Bev Barnes, where she described something like this happening for many of the people she works with.

Bev is a teacher who shows you how to discover and do your soul's calling, and on the episode, she said what she's been seeing is that many people are feeling the call of their soul NOW. Like right this second.

Even if they've never heard that call before, they are hearing it this year.

Sometimes our voices and messages are meant for certain times, and for many of us, this time is now, in 2020 as the world transforms.

My message is about helping you free your voice so you can share your own inspiring and healing words with the world. I believe this message is needed now because this our time. It just is our time to open up, and allow our souls' truths to come out.

The writing you and I share isn't frivolous. It's the work of processing this new world we are in and showing people, through our unique lenses, how to grieve, how to find our new way, and how to create the world we want to live in.

The time is now, because this is the time change is happening, and I'm here to help you heal your voice and gain the confidence and courage to write and publish your wildly authentic truth so we can all participate.


Owl taught me how to listen in a new way this year, and in so doing I found a deeper connection to my purpose.

Animal messengers are powerful allies. When you have a calling from your soul to write sometimes an animal ally is exactly what you need to help you connect to your purpose so you can hit publish.

Both the words we're writing AND the magical support we receive to help us write are the real deal. This is important, and the time is now.



P.S. Listen to the conversation I had on the podcast with my amazing friend and teacher, Bev Barnes, about how racism can stop you from doing your soul's calling. You'll find a list of antiracist educational resources in the show notes.

P.P.S. Do you want to discover your Animal Ally for 2021? Sign up to get an Animal Ally Reading, and receive the magical support you need for your creative journey in the coming year. {Available until December 30}

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