What Hyena Can Teach Us About Creativity In Summer

Jun 30, 2021

"The hyena personality is a jokester and crowd pleaser, but below the surface there are unfulfilled dreams to be realized. What would happen if you took your goals seriously?"

- Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck & Guidebook


As I sit in my new lawn chair on the deck, looking out over my wildly overgrown grass with gorgeous new volunteer flowers popping up, I pick an oracle card to help us learn more about creativity in summer.

I pick the Hyena card from Kim Krans's The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck & Guidebook.

As I gaze at the card I am drawn to the half moon, and I get an immediate sense of balance.

The summer is about relaxation, sinking into warmth, vacation, letting yourself enjoy. AND, it is about determined and focused growth, tending to the gardens of our lives, and using the sun's heat to help us let go of anything that no longer requires our effort.

Summer is a both/and time. It is a time both of pleasure and active creative focus.

As I continue to sit in meditation with Hyena, what I hear is this: "You need to play, to enjoy, and to take your enjoyment seriously. You need to know that how to value your work is to spend time with it and play with it. Give it your time and attention, and have fun."

What I'm left with after sitting with this card is a new understanding of how pleasure and focus can come together. I see they aren't opposites. They are allies.

And then I realize, for me, they are working together right now. Sitting outside on a gorgeous day while I write to you about oracle cards is my ideal blend of play and focus!

What I know is the play and pleasure of it help me to follow through on my creative goals, which I take very seriously.

What creative work is calling to you this season? How could adding pleasure to your work aid you in following through?



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