What Honeysuckle Can Teach Us About Summer

Jul 05, 2021

"With Honeysuckle's guidance you will be enabled to distinguish what is false from that which is of real worth and usefulness on your spiritual journey. The Honeysuckle will help you to tread safely, remaining true to your beliefs and principles with sureness and lightness in your step."

- Liz and Colin Murray, The Celtic Tree Oracle


I am recalling times where I walked by large honeysuckle bushes and became overwhelmed by their powerful, sweet, thick fragrance.

I am hearing the loud buzzing of the bees as they plunged into the flowers.

I am recalling the ice cream shop I grew up next to...running inside with my 45 cents so I could get a kiddie sized soft served swirl in a cone.

I remember popsicles melting over my hand as I delighted in their refreshing coolness.

I remember making pitchers of Koolaid, being amazed by giant ice cream sandwiches, and sweet watermelon juice dribbling down my chin.

It was all so messy...so sticky...and so exactly just right for a long, warm summer.

I feel Honeysuckle calling our focus on to the importance of sweetness.

And so the question for today is...what sweetness can you celebrate this summer?

I have spent a time each day in my lawn chair with a cozy mystery novel. I have played with my nephews and delighted in their joy of ice cream. I have gone to bed early to enjoy the feel of the ceiling fan as I listen to my favorite podcasts.

Summer asks us to make room not just for the focused energy of growth but also for the simple joy of sweetness.



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