What I learned from reading my 2020 journal

Dec 23, 2020

A couple days ago, on the winter solstice, I did a ritual where I reviewed this past year and set intentions for the coming year.

I sat in the coziest corner of my room. Diffused Rosemary essential oil. Drank a luscious hot cacao drink, and sank deeply into the process.

During this ritual, I skimmed through my 2020 journal to help me remember who I was this year. 

This is a big, super thick, spiral bound notebook that holds notes from every ritual, ceremony, or oracle card reading I did for myself in 2020.


One of the most important spiritual practices I do is to set aside time once a week, on a moon day, to reflect and notice where I've been and where I'm going.

I take stock of feelings I haven't felt yet. I notice things that have been brewing under the surface. I set my compass for the time ahead. Then I pull oracle cards to help me see what I really need to see.

When I pick a card, I notice what strikes me about the card. What lines from the description stand out to me? What do I intuitively hear coming from my soul about this card?

I listen deeply and closely for the truth the card is calling me to acknowledge. Then I write down everything I discover.


As I perused my 2020 journal, it struck me on a new level just how important this spiritual work has been for my writing.

There were so many times I wanted to quit, and then in meditating with an oracle card have been able to feel my fear and hear what's wanted or needed next.

There have been countless times when I've felt embarrassed, scared no one would notice me, or scared everyone would hate what I wrote, and then I picked a card that helped me hear the truth I needed to hear. "Keep going. Speak to the people you are here to help. Let yourself say the truth."

There have been times I needed to acknowledge old creative wounds coming to the surface, so I could see them, love them, and offer them healing, and cards helped me sink into the space where I could do that healing work.


What I learned from reading my 2020 journal, and seeing all the times I was able to keep going with my writing after doing this practice, was that this practice is incredibly effective.

Even in a year like this one, when the rug has been pulled out from under the world with a pandemic and we don't know what's going to happen next, this practice worked.

I kept writing. I kept offering my work to you. I kept doing my soul's work - to help you free your voice so you can share your own healing messages with the world.

The reason this happened during this hard year was because I kept connecting to my soul through meditating with oracle cards and answering the questions: What's next for me and what healing is needed so I can do what's next?

This is why I offer oracle card readings to you, because it is a practice that absolutely sustains the creative journey of bringing your voice into the world.


This year I would love for you to receive this same support for your creative life.

I am offering 2021 Animal Ally Readings, where I will do a sacred ceremony on your behalf and pull a card to help you:

  • Discover who your Animal Ally is for 2021
  • Receive wise guidance for your creative journey in the coming year
  • Experience healing for the biggest worries that block you from writing
  • Discover the soul motivation you need to write and keep writing
  • Learn how to connect to your ally throughout the year, so you can get the ongoing magical support you need to fulfill your creative dreams.

This offer is the real deal. You can read testimonials about my readings here.

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P.S. The 2021 Animal Ally Readings are available for purchase for 7 more days, until Wednesday December 30.



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