The Art of Peaceful Persistence

Apr 14, 2019

Dear Imaginative Woman,

Over the past couple months I've been telling you about the steps I'm taking to become more Wildly Authentic in my life.

First, I came back to myself.

Then, I established a new life goal to never do more than I can do in peace.

Now, this month, I've been doing even more to cultivate a feeling of peace in my life.


Here's why peace feels extra important to me right now: 

Last month, I crossed a bunch of things off my to-do list. This was AMAZING. I definitely felt like I was not doing more than I could do in peace, but then a kind of funny thing happened.

I have three projects I'm working on. I'm creating the first online course for The School of Wild Authenticity. I'm writing a children's novel, and I'm running the Women Who Run With the Wolves Online Book Club.

In order to never do more than I can do in peace, I take a few tiny steps per week on each project. I write a little bit. I do a little bit of course planning. I read a passage from Women Who Run With the Wolves, and I write a couple posts for the club.


This is seriously peaceful. I love it! Until my mind starts to act up.

As I'm writing, I start to wonder if the tiny steps I'm taking are ever going to add up to a finished book!! As I work on my course, I wonder if it will ever, ever, ever be done?!?!?!

When I work slowly and peacefully, which I love doing, I get hit by a tidal wave of old cultural expectations about how I really should be doing everything way faster than this!!!!

These cultural expectations are the opposite of peace, and they are not authentic to me. I work best when I'm not rushed.

After digging into this a little more, I realized the best remedy to the "FASTER!!" mentality would be to actively foster a quality of Peaceful Persistence in my life.


Peaceful Persistence means persisting in what I do. I keep going. I don't stop. I'm totally devoted, but in a peaceful, calm way. 

Peaceful Persistence acknowledges none of my projects are meant to be completed in record time. They are meant to be pondered over, to be crafted with care, and to be lovingly tended. 

I'm not going to stop taking tiny steps. I'm going to keep going until the projects are complete. I'm not going to give up, but, you know, in a way that doesn't lead straight to burn out.

Peaceful Persistence is the opposite of the “Go! Go! Go! Scale! Sell now!!!!!!” approach to business we see in most American corporations.

This certainly wasn't how things worked at my old office job, where my bosses wanted highly complex solutions turned around as quickly as possible.

When I was in that job I remember craving peace and desperately yearning for a day not spent in fight or flight mode.

I create my own work now, and it’s high time to let go of the “FAST!!!!!” mentality, so I can live my wildly authentic life.

For me, this means doing things consistently, slowly, persistently, and peacefully, and trusting in this being enough. That's how I do business, even if it looks strange to the outside world.


So, here’s my question for you this month:

Peace is an authentic quality for me. It's what I crave. This is why I'm spending so much time creating more peace in my life, but I'm wondering what quality you would love to have more of in your life?

Is it peace? Or maybe focus? Gratitude? Freedom? Creativity? Play? Mischief? Or something completely different? What do you crave? And what could you do to foster more of this quality in your life?

I'd love to hear what quality feels authentic to you! Email me here to let me know. I read your emails personally and love hearing from you. :) 

In wonder & gratitude, always,


Emma Basu is a writer, personal development teacher, and the Founder of The School of Wild Authenticity


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