The spring paradox

Mar 26, 2021

"This card is a reminder that we can hold two extremes at the same time.... Carl Jung said 'The paradox is one of our most valuable spiritual possessions' and for anyone who does shadow work, they know this to be true." 

-The Threads of Fate Oracle


Spring is a time of extremes.

Longer days with the sun taking over the sky, but it's still cold and chilly.

Green leaves budding on trees, while gray clouds hover overhead.

The feeling that we should be thawing out from winter - the equinox has passed! - while still feeling tired and dormant and not quite ready.

Yearning to create, to write, to finally bring that thing out into the world, while honoring the truth of where we are and where are creations are.

Spring is a transition season, from one extreme to the next, where we experience a little bit of everything all at once.

And sometimes the spring doesn't match our energy at all. It can be spring outside and winter or summer or even fall on the inside.

What paradoxes are you experiencing in your life? What extremes are pulling at you? Where do you feel two opposites living in the same space? How can you create more room for all of it this spring?



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