Why regular self-reflection is important for blogging

Dec 17, 2021

I’m sitting inside, cozied up in a nest on my couch, looking out the window at a cold, gray, wintery day. Autumn is ending, and winter officially begins next week on December 21.

That means it's time to take stock again. How have I changed this season? What have I learned? What do I need to share next?

Doing a regular self-reflection practice like this is vital for my blogging life, because what felt absolutely right to write at the beginning of autumn might not feel right in winter.

For example, at the beginning of this autumn I went into a creative cocoon. I didn't want to express myself as much as usual. I needed a break from sharing my voice. I needed a time of dormancy and rest. If I kept creating at the same pace I did in summer, I would've burnt out. 

Now that winter is almost here, I'm feeling the creative energies wake up again. I have things to say, and I am ready to write, speak, and express myself. I feel the authentic energy to blog again, and this means writing won't lead me to burn out or exhaustion.

To me, blogging authentically isn't about being one thing forever. It’s about being who you are TODAY, knowing that who you are might change over time, because life is dynamic.

You could have a personal event or there might be a global event that rocks your life and perception. How you feel in mid-summer probably isn't how you feel in mid-winter. And so you'll need to drop in again and again to ask who you are, what needs to be said now, and what needs to not be said anymore.

Creativity isn’t a solid state. It’s a constantly changing one, and the best way I know to work with this is to set aside the time and space to dig deep, ask questions, and set intentions for short periods of time, for seasons or even moon cycles.

I've learned writing online is an almost constant practice of letting go of your past self and returning again and again to your present self, so you can inspire, teach, and help others in the best way you know how, today.

If you relate to this, then I have a beautiful offer for you this week. I am currently offering Winter Oracle Clarity Sessions, where you and I will jump on a Zoom call together, and I’ll pull a spread of oracle cards to help you get clear on your message, your audience, and your voice for winter.

Your Winter Oracle Clarity Session will be a dedicated time and space to connect to who you are today, so you can write in a way that feels aligned to your truest self in the coming season.

I would absolutely love to share this vital practice with you. If you’d love to join me for a session, you can sign up here. These sessions are available for purchase until Tuesday December 21.



P.S. If you don't want to write online, but you do want to inspire, teach, and help others with your writing, you are still invited to sign up for a session! I'd love to help you get clear on your message, audience, and voice!


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