How I Decided To Break Free From My Dull Gray Cubicle Job

Jun 13, 2019

Dear Imaginative Woman,

If you’re new here, welcome! For the past few weeks I’ve been telling you the story about how I decided to break free from my Dull Gray Cubicle job.

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Ok, on with the last installment...


In doing weekly Artist Dates my soul started to come alive.

I began to feel like me again.

This was great, but here's the truth.


It wasn’t a sure thing this would be a lasting change.

I mean, just because it felt good while I was doing The Artist's Way didn't mean I was going to keep it up forever.

At anytime I could stop doing Artist Dates and go back to how things were before.

But something interesting happened around this time that kept me on the path of Soul Recovery.


I started looking for new jobs online, and I began with looking at jobs which were in the same field I was already in.

My thinking was it might be a good idea to try a new organization, because maybe it was just my particular company making me miserable and not the work itself.

I searched through database management jobs, one after the other.

I read the job descriptions. I could do the jobs.

I read the requirements. I was qualified.

But the more job descriptions I read, the more it dawned on me I didn't want any of these jobs.

Finally, I read one last description. This job was EXACTLY what I was doing with my current work.


As I read through the description I became nauseous. I felt physically ill. I wanted to die.

It felt awful. Even with all the stress I had experienced in my work, nothing so far had made me feel as bad as reading about this job, which, as I already said, was basically the job I was doing.

But then, I thought about how it felt to sit on my back porch watching spring unfold.

I thought about how good it felt and how I wanted more of THAT.

I didn't want any more soul killing work.

I wanted life!!


And then all of a sudden, I made the decision.

I was done. I was going to change careers. For real.

This decision was different than all the other times I had complained about my job, talked about leaving, or maybe even taken a class or two at a local university.

All those other times I felt desperate to leave, but I knew deep down I wasn't ready to change careers yet.

But this time, after doing the work of recovering my soul and remembering what GOOD felt like, there was no turning back.

I was ready to ask myself what was next and then figure out a plan.


It was amazing how confident I felt. 

I was no longer scared of not knowing what I was meant to do.

I was more curious and excited to figure it out.

Most of all, I felt FREE, because I knew, no matter how long it took to make it happen, I was not going to be stuck in my Dull Gray Cubicle job FOREVER.




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