How to connect your heart to your voice

Feb 13, 2021

I picked an animal card for us today, and we got Nightingale!

 "This card indicates a need to open the bridge between the heart and the voice."

- Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle


Nightingale is all about lifting your voice, singing out, and allowing yourself to be heard.

Have you been having trouble sharing your writing? Does it feel like something is clogged between your heart and your voice?

Today, I have a guided visualization to help you strengthen the bridge between your heart and your voice, so you can start expressing yourself in a way that is aligned with what you truly think, feel, and believe.

Follow these instructions before you write.

1. Find a place to sit or lie down comfortably.

2. Begin by taking 5 deep breaths. They don't need to be too deep, just as deep as you can comfortably breathe.

3. Do a body scan, quickly noticing each part of your body from your feet to the top of your head.

4. Engage your senses. Notice what you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste right now.

5. Become aware of your heart center at your chest and your voice center at your throat. See if you can notice both areas of your body at the same time.

6. Spend a couple minutes noticing your heart and your throat and allowing whatever you notice to be as it is. There is no need to change anything. This is the process of simply noticing the state of things as they are right now.

7. To connect the truth in your heart to the self-expression of your voice, see a line connecting these two centers. This can be a golden light, a road, a bridge, or a rainbow. Use an image that feels fun for you. There is no way to do this wrong. 

8. Imagine this connective line growing stronger. You might notice the colors of your rainbow growing more vibrant. Perhaps the pavement on your road gets more firm. Perhaps your rickety bridge turns into a stone bridge. Or maybe your golden light becomes a thicker line. Do this for another couple minutes.

9. Now, notice your heart and your throat again. The connection between the two is stronger now. The truth of your heart can be more easily expressed through your voice. Notice any shift that has come out of today's meditation.

10. To close this meditation, let go of the image of your bridge and take 3 deep breaths. Inhale and exhale as deeply as you can. Come fully back into your body, wiggling your feet and your toes.

May the connection between your heart and your voice grow ever stronger.



P.S. Watch this video of nightingales singing to get extra inspired!

P.P.S. Forward this letter to a friend who needs help expressing herself.

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