How I finally stopped and paid attention today

Jul 16, 2022

This morning, during my usual routine of meditation and picking an oracle card, I asked "How can I stay centered today?"

I picked the Nettle card from Maia Toll's Illustrated Herbiary, and the message was to "Pay Attention!"

Great, I thought. I'll pay extra attention today. I can totally do that.

I had an active morning. I set up a cute seating area on my deck. I took my 4-year old nephew for a walk around the neighborhood, and we found an awesome patch of blackberries. Then I stayed outside to mow the lawn, my favorite chore.

I was having lots of fun, but I can't say I was paying attention to anything in particular. I pretty much forgot all about this morning's oracle card.

Then, on my way inside, moving fast and without much care, I tripped while stepping over a short gate. On my way down, I twisted my foot, which is now sprained and can't take any weight.

Now, I'm sitting on my deck, not moving, and staring at all the plants and trees in my yard. 

A swallow tail butterfly is fluttering by, resting here and there on the vibrant green salal leaves.

A light breeze is blowing, on this 70-something degree day with a gorgeous blue sky overhead.

The tall hemlocks, cedars, and big leaf maples stretch up overhead, and a robin sends out a lovely trill.

Everything is sun dappled and lovely. This is one of those summer days where all the world seems to live in delight.

While all this is happening, I've been reading a new book, Mirrors In the Earth by Asia Suler, which is a nature memoir drawing me into the spirit of beauty and magic.

After each chapter, I stop, take a breath, and look at the ferns and huckleberries and all the greenery.

I can't say a sprained foot is my favorite way to get myself to stop and pay attention, but it has been highly effective.

What are you paying attention to today? I'd love to hear about it, as I think I'll be off my feet for a few more days!



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