It's time for Full Moon reflection questions

Oct 01, 2020

Today is the Full Moon, and that means it's time to feel into the energy of our creative cycles.

When I take time on the "Moon" days to reflect, I can plan my creative work aligned to my natural rhythm instead of forcing myself to work in a way that's not right for me.

This is especially important when you want to do creative work like writing an inspirational blog. Unlike other forms of art that have a clear beginning and an end, a blog is a creative project that keeps going.

When you do ongoing creative work like this, noticing your energy can help you create in a way that nourishes you instead of drains you, so you can keep writing.

For example, if after answering the reflection questions, below, you notice you feel extra tired today, ask yourself what you can do to support that. Can you send a previously written post to your email list? Can you share a list of things you love? Can you post something shorter but still meaningful to you? What would feel easy for you to do this week?

If you notice you feel extra energized, then this might be the time to write an extra post or two, so you can have posts in the bank when you need to rest in the future. You might also want to write a long post about a topic you're really interested in. What would feel fun for you to do with this extra energy?

How can you be wildly authentic about your creative energy this week?

Full Moon Reflection Questions

One supportive way to answer these questions is to set a timer for 2 - 5 minutes and flow write. Allow whatever wants to come out to come out. Allow all your thoughts and feelings onto the page. There is no wrong answer. There is only noticing your wildly authentic truth.

1. How do you feel today?

2. What is your energy like right now? Low, high, somewhere in between? Say more.

3. The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration. What do you want to celebrate today?

4.  When you think about the week ahead, where do you feel your creative energy flowing? What projects are calling to you? Or do you feel called to rest or play? Say more.

5. Think about everything you just wrote. Where would you authentically like to put your creative energies this week?

I wish you all the best as you reflect on this Full Moon Day. I would love to hear about your insights! Send me a letter and tell me all about it!


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