My favorite tool for breaking through writer's block

Dec 19, 2021

30 minutes ago I was standing in my living room talking to my husband, desperately asking him if he could please tell me what I should write to you today. I didn’t know what to write about, because fear had frozen my brain.

Writing online can be exceptionally scary, and for me, fear and anxiety pretty much turn my brain off, so when I’m scared I end up feeling confused and don’t know what to do next.

Honestly, I get scared to write all the time, because most of what I write feels meaningful and therefore vulnerable to share with all of you.

Unfortunately, my husband didn’t know what I should write either. So I turned to my favorite tool that always works whenever I feel blocked. 

I pulled an oracle card.

If you don’t know, oracle cards are thematic card decks with images on them like animals, plants, or fairies, and they offer wise messages to help you through challenging situations.

Just now I pulled a card from Bev Barnes’s Soul’s Calling Card Deck. This is a deck of questions to ask your soul, and the question I got was: “What painful story do you keep telling yourself over and over again that keeps you stuck?”

Pulling this card helped me break through my fear-freeze, because I could see there actually was a painful story I was telling myself that was stopping me from writing. 

I was telling myself that I wasn’t going to do this well….”I’m not going to write well. I’m not going to communicate well. This is probably going to be my worst email ever!!!!”

Seeing and naming this fear helped me calm down. Then, thinking about this painful story made me want to write to you about the experience, and this helped me actually start writing!

So now I’m sitting here typing instead of sitting here staring blankly at my screen in terror. :)

If you were to talk to any of my friends you would know that I am constantly pulling cards for myself and them whenever something challenging comes up.

We pull cards to get new insights on our problems that lead us to creative solutions we might not have thought of otherwise.

Because oracle cards work so well for me, I also LOVE pulling them for my clients. In a coaching session, I’ll pull a card for a client when the path forward with their blog seems especially unclear.

The card will introduce a new thought, a new question, or a new perception that can help my client break free from her writing block.

After oracle card sessions my clients tend to move from feeling frozen and confused to feeling clear and confident. And that’s how I feel after pulling cards for myself.

This is the reason I absolutely LOVE offering Oracle Clarity Sessions every season, because it gives you the opportunity to receive new information that can help you break the patterns stopping you from writing.

Before an Oracle Clarity Session I pull 3 cards for my clients. The cards represent their message, their audience, and their voice for the coming season.

We talk through each of the cards in detail, and I offer writing tips and coaching along the way. At the end of these sessions, so many questions get answered, so much clarity is obtained, and my clients walk away excited for the season, ready to start writing, and confident about their message and voice.

The painful story they keep telling themselves that keeps them stuck gets shifted, so they can start working on their blog, and this helps them feel proud of themselves and deeply fulfilled because they are actively inspiring, helping, and teaching others.

I would love to do an Oracle Clarity Session with YOU. The winter solstice is in a few days, so this is the perfect time to break through blocks and get clear on what you want to write this season.

If you’d love to join me for a session, you can sign up here. These sessions are available for purchase until this coming Tuesday December 21.

These sessions are a ton of FUN. I have a lot of beautiful oracle card decks, and it is a blast to see what cards come forward for you!



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