Energetic realignment in progress

Jun 10, 2021

This year many things have changed in my life:

Ok...so this isn't a long list, but each of these things is big and so many details change because of them that put together it feels like a million things are different in my life from the start of 2021 to today.

I'm feeling the pull to gather myself inward, to put all the threads together.

After spreading my creativity farther and farther outward this year, I want to draw myself inward. I want to create a cocoon where I can feel all the gooeyness of these transitions and emerge on the other side a little more solid.

Today is the New Moon on a Solar Eclipse day, and according to everything I've read from astrologers this is a big day.

On a day like today you might feel the pull to cocoon like me. However, you might also feel the pull to literally eclipse something from your life, or you might feel the urge to jump into action on a project you've been waiting to start.

The trick is to breathe, turn your attention inward, and notice what you are being pulled towards today. Then give yourself a bit of that thing. It doesn't have to be huge. Even 15 minutes of the thing you're being pulled towards can make a difference.

I'll be in my cocoon, realigning my energy, and discovering who I am again.

What will you be doing?



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