Draw Yourself Closer to the Fire, Dear One

Oct 18, 2019

Dear Writerly Woman,

Listen closely.

Draw yourself closer to the fire, dear one.

It is time to speak some truths of hearth fires and fairy tales.

In all of us there are the beating heart, the yearning, and the light.

Sink in.

Sink down.

Go way down into your belly.

It is there that many truths abide.

The truths of candle light and darkness and torture and breaking free.

Our bellies hold our deepest stories.

Imagine your belly as a bowl, it is full of all the vastness of life.

And imagine this bowl tipping, overflowing when you laugh by fires and tell your stories and share your precious words.

And then imagine your bowl filling back up as you breathe and live and feel and your heart beats and the sun rises and sets and your bowl gets filled with all the things of life.

It gets so full that once again it overflows into your journal, into conversations with friends, onto social media pages and into books and poetry.

Being a storyteller means tending to this bowl, this belly full of life.

It means collecting and sharing and collecting and sharing, like we used to do in villages, around hearth fires, and in community.

Tend to this bowl this weekend. Find a way to fill up and then allow your juicy goodness to spill out - onto the page or into conversation.

Let it be natural. Let it be easy.



P.S. If you had all the courage in the world, and you could be who you really are, what would you say? This is what we're asking with this month's writing challenge in the Hearth & Pen Facebook Group. We would love for you to join us, so you can share your overflow of wonder and stories in a safe and kind community!


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