Doing This Can Change Your Writing Life

Feb 09, 2022

Do you wonder if you'll ever write?

Like, you probably wrote stories or poetry or journals when you were young, and you always thought you would write when you were older, but it just hasn't happened?

And maybe you're starting to think it will never happen?

I want you to know that I know this particular pain.

A few years back, when I had a dull gray cubicle job and I wasn't doing any creative work at all, I had stuffed my desire to write so far away that I didn't even feel it anymore.

I went numb inside. I gave up hope that life would ever get interesting, that I would ever write, or that I would ever feel like my soul wasn't dying.

It was so freaking hard.

This kind of numbness sucks.

But here's the deal with creativity - the thing I want you to know.

There is always a choice.

No matter how numb you feel, at any moment, you can decide to write.

In fact, you could put pen to paper right now and write one sentence, even if you haven't written in years.

You could write the first sentence to a story, the first line to a poem, or the first words of an inspirational blog post.

You don't need to know where this sentence is going, what it will become, or how to make money from it.

It doesn't have to be perfect or good.

You don't even need to write the next line.

The purpose of choosing to write one sentence right now is to show yourself that you can get words on a page.

When you write your sentence, set aside everything anyone has ever taught you about writing.

See all those thoughts, all those rules, all those criticisms going into a box far away from you.

You don't have to show anyone this line of writing.

Let it be a private romance between you and a few words.

This is how I began writing a few years ago. Slowly, privately, and one word at a time.

Each word I wrote showed me I could write.

There is no underestimating this experience, no matter how small your writing seems to you.

You can choose, right now, to shift your perspective from believing you will never write again to being a person who is writing.

If you need help writing your sentence, try answering this question: What one true thing can I say about my life today?

My one true thing about my life today is this: Spring is starting to show its colors, with bright green lily bulbs poking out of the ground and little pink leaves growing on the huckleberries. 

This line doesn't have to be anything else, ever. I love it because it reminds me, once again, that it is possible to write.

Try it out. Show yourself what's possible, and see what happens next.



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P.P.S. If you feel overwhelmed by your creative fear listen to the most recent episode of Full Heart Free Voice Podcast, where Caitlin Bosshart and I discuss Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and whether or not fear is boring.

Emma Veritas is a writer and writing coach. She's a committed blogger, podcaster, and oracle card reader. She graduated with her Bachelor's degree in English from the Honor's Program at the University of Massachusetts, where she wrote her thesis on the power of story during hard times. She has completed Martha Beck's Life Coach Training and is an endorsed Soul's Calling Coach. She is a life long learner in the craft of writing, and can't wait to help you share your voice with the world.

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