Creativity isn't a solid state

Apr 14, 2022

This past week I've been wandering around my yard, looking at all the new flower buds popping open. The cherry and plum trees are blooming, and the rhododendron and azalea flowers are starting to peek out.

I love looking at the flowers until there is a sudden rain or hale storm, and then I rush back inside to warm up. Spring is officially here in the Pacific Northwest.

This means it's time to take stock again. How have I changed this season? What have I learned? What is next for my creative life?

Doing a regular self-reflection practice like this is vital for my blogging, because what felt absolutely right to write at the beginning of winter might not feel right anymore in spring.

For example, at the beginning of winter I felt my creative energies waking up. I had things to say, and I was ready to write, speak, and express myself. I felt the authentic energy to blog, and this meant writing wouldn't lead me to burn out or exhaustion.

Right now, at the beginning of spring I'm feeling in the flow and excited after running the What to Blog About Challenge, but I'm also feeling a sense of change. I'm thinking about my @books_and_moss blog on Instagram. What do I really want to say there? What is my authentic voice for that project? Is Instagram the right platform for it?

Answering these questions will mean tweaks are coming for @books_and_moss, and this is great because change is a totally natural part of the creative process.

To me, blogging authentically isn't about being one thing forever. It’s about being who I am TODAY, knowing that who I am might change over time, because life is dynamic.

I could have a personal event or there might be a global event that rocks my life and perception. How I feel in mid-summer probably isn't how I will feel in mid-winter. And so I'll need to reflect again and again on who I am, what needs to be said now, and what needs to not be said anymore.

Creativity isn’t a solid state. It’s a constantly changing flow, and the best way I know to work with this is to set aside the time and space to dig deep, ask questions, and set intentions for short periods of time, for seasons or lunar cycles.

If you relate to this, then I have a beautiful offer for you this week.

Oracle Clarity Sessions are a dedicated time and space for you and I to work together to help you set an intention for your writing this season. 

For these sessions I’ll pull a spread of oracle cards that will help you get clear on your current message, audience, and voice. During our video call we'll talk through the cards as a tool to help you create an authentic writing plan for the season.

Your  Oracle Clarity Session will help you connect to who you are today, so you can feel motivated to write in a way that feels aligned to your truest self.

If you’d love to get clear on your writing, sign up here. These sessions are available for purchase until Tuesday April 19.

P.S. One of my Oracle Clarity clients, Kim Hamblin-Hart, wrote an amazing blog post about what she discovered during her session, and she gave me permission to share it with all of you! Read "Embracing Your Inner Outlaw"

P.P.S. If you don't want to write online, but you do want to share a meaningful message with your writing, you are still invited to sign up for a session! I'd love to help you get clear on your message, audience, and voice!


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