What part of yourself wants to come out of hiding?

Dec 16, 2020

Here's the thing about writing with a Wildly Authentic voice: There are often authentic pieces of ourselves that are easy to show in our writing and other pieces of ourselves that aren't so easy to show.

For example, I love writing from the depths of my being. I love sharing my heart and my emotions. I also enjoy teaching and inspiring you through the big realizations I have. This work feels serious and important to me.

However, in my personal life I also LOVE laughing and making my friends laugh. In fact, one my secret dreams is to do a stand-up act based on my favorite stories I tell my closest friends. This is a Wildly Authentic part of myself, but I actually find it really hard to write with humor.


Even though humor is a big part of who I am, humor writing is not a craft that comes naturally to me.

I remember working at my old office job and getting the sweats any time people started telling jokes on an email thread. If I tried to write back in a fun, witty way, it always came out wrong. So I would opt to not write a joke and to respond seriously about the matter at hand, even though I would have LOVED to write something funny.

As a writer, I am very comfortable with the serious stuff, with the depths, with the deep mystical heart. It was a journey to become comfortable with all this. I'm proud of that, and also, my mission for my writing this coming year is to invite pieces of my voice into my work that you don't see as much, including the part of me that wants to make you laugh about all this deep stuff!


I'm curious, what parts of yourself do YOU want to invite into your writing? What do you wish you had the courage to show the world?

I'd love to hear all about it! Hit reply and send me a post you've written or tell me about the parts of yourself you wish you could include in your writing. Remember, you're not alone. We're all on the journey of becoming Wildly Authentic Writers. The journey doesn't end. It just keeps getting deeper and better from here.





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