Claiming my most witchy self

Jun 10, 2022

I'm launching a new program, the Summer of Enchanted Writing, and it's my most witchy program yet.

We'll be doing a series of writing rituals using oracle cards, guided visualizations, dreamwork, and other fun witchy tools to help you connect to the power and heart of your voice.

This program is about using writing as a magical tool to break free from external expectations and discover what makes writing come alive for YOU.

Summer of Enchanted Writing leads with magic, and I am so excited about this!!

However, it has been a serious lifelong journey to get here.

I grew up in a suburb of Boston in a fundamentalist Christian home. We weren't the kind of people who could sit around and ignore all that witchcraft going on up in Salem, Massachusetts. We were decidedly anti-pagan and anti-witchcraft.

Witchcraft was the enemy. If anything even smelled like it could possibly have touched the occult, then it went on the list of things that could send you to hell.

I was literally taught, from a preacher at a pulpit, that meditating would make you get possessed by a demon.

I really did not want to get possessed by a servant of hell, so I spent most of my childhood and teenage years terrified of accidentally doing witchcraft.

Things started to shift during my freshman year of college, when I took a Psychology 101 class. In this class we would break off into small groups with a Teaching Assistant to do special exercises.

One day the exercise was to try meditation. When the T.A. announced this, my head went blank with terror. Heart-stopping panic about demonic possession ensued.

However, I was also an epic people-pleaser, and I equally could not imagine saying no to my teacher. Soooo...I meditated.

(And can I just say, this proves how much of a people-pleaser I was, because I literally thought I could get possessed by a force of evil and horror, and I meditated anyway!!!)

It was a simple meditation. She guided us through a couple minutes of noticing our breath as we inhaled and exhaled.

When I opened my eyes I felt...exactly the same. No demon had entered my body. An exorcism was not on the menu for the day. I was just...myself.

That's when the scales started to fall from my eyes. From that day forward I got very curious about what else would make me not get possessed by a demon!

Even though the church I grew up in taught me witchcraft was evil and exceptionally dangerous, over the course of twenty+ years I've learned my True Self LOVES witchy things.

I love meditation and yoga, working with oracle cards, celebrating solstices, using herbal medicines and flower essences, doing rituals on the new and full moons, doing energy work, doing dreamwork, and connecting with other witchy friends to do these super fun things together (ie, being part of an informal coven).

All of these practices help me feel more like my true self when I do them. They help me find freedom and healing, not pain and torture, and they are just plain fun.

My favorite thing is doing a new moon ritual, where I pull a spread of oracle cards for myself, do an energy healing visualization, set an intention, and then pick cards for all of YOU (when you say yes to the monthly new moon card.)

The journey to getting here, of course, hasn't been easy. This has been a path of self-discovery, self-realization, facing fears, and breaking free from hardcore limiting beliefs.

This is why launching the Summer of Enchanted Writing means so much to me. In my business I always include witchy practices, but this program puts them in the lead in a new way.

This means I've been on a healing journey to break free from residual false beliefs from my childhood religion, so I can go another step forward in claiming my most witchy self.

This program has required me to release old layers of fear around rejection (hello, community of origin issues), old beliefs about what it means, professionally, to lead with joy and whimsy, and old, very deep, wordless fear for my safety if I do witchy things. 

These past couple months, as Summer of Enchanted Writing came to life within my heart, have been challenging in the best kind of way.

I've had to show up for myself on new levels, allowing myself to feel the fear and do it anyway, and now that the program is up and being offered, I feel so happy, joyful, and free.

My soul is singing, my heart is open, and I feel a huge sense of relief. I'm taking another step to claiming my most witchy self, and it feels even better than not getting possessed by a demon while meditating!

Are you ready to kindle the magic in your writing life? You don't have to be super witchy like me. This program is for you if you are curious and open to what oracle cards, intention setting, guided visualizations, and other fun witchy tools could inspire in your creative life.

We're going to have a ton of FUN. Are you in? Sign up right here. We start the week of the Solstice on Thursday, June 23.



P.S. EARLY BIRD BONUS! If you register for Summer of Enchanted Writing by my birthday, June 17, you'll get a 45 minute private coaching session with me included in your program. This session will be available only to early bird sign ups!


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