Be Yourself In Your Writing

Jun 18, 2020

Being who you really are is an act of undoing just as much as doing. It is undoing what you were taught about who you should be. It is doing the work of claiming who you really are, without apology.

It is undoing the belief that you should be quieter or less in the way. It is doing the work of speaking at your natural volume, owning your presence, and taking up the space you take up.

It undoing the belief that you should be normal. It is doing the work of being your quirky True Self.

It is undoing the belief that everything about you is wrong. It is doing the work of simply being who you are.

How does claiming your True Self help your writing? It makes writing so much more fun!

When I hide my True Self the act of writing feels drab and boring. It loses its energy, and I get blocked.

For example, when I believe I should be normal in my writing, I don’t work on the really cool scenes in my story, like the magical realism parts I love the most.

When I don’t let myself work on those scenes, I’ll do anything other than write. Avoiding writing becomes my main activity, and it hurts like hell.

Buuuuuut...when I claim my True Self and acknowledge the magical realism scenes are what I REALLY want to write, then I’m excited. That’s when I’m energized and ready to write. Let’s make those trees talk, people!!

Undoing old beliefs and claiming your True Self nourishes your writing. It makes the process so much more lively and motivating. Plus, it makes for a story your ideal readers will sink their teeth into. Believe me, my readers want to hear from those trees!

I’ll be honest, claiming your True Self isn’t always easy. The beliefs that block you can run deep, but I am here to help. I am a writing coach whose mission is to help you undo the beliefs that stop you from being who you really are, so you can enjoy the hell out of the writing process.

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