Be YOU Without Apology

May 22, 2020

I grew up in a family marked by addiction, narcissism, and abandonment. Because of this, and other things, I left my childhood with the firm belief that everything about me was wrong.

My thoughts were wrong. My hobbies were wrong. Everything I said was wrong. Everything I felt was wrong.

I wanted to be a writer, but I couldn’t write because that meant putting all my wrong-ness on a page and that hurt too much. Instead, I spent a decade sitting on a barstool numbing out.

When I got sober I spent the first three years recovering my sanity, and then these last 8 years recovering my creativity.

My creative journey has been a deep healing from the belief that everything about me is wrong, because each word I write is defying that old belief and saying instead: “Being right or wrong isn’t even a thing. This is about being YOU without apology.”

Being me without apology.

This is what I’ve learned how to do over these years where I have blogged, run Facebook groups, produced a podcast, and generally taken up space in the world by courageously being my authentic creative self.

Practicing being myself without apology in my creativity has freed my whole life.

I say the truth and live that truth out in the world.

My relationships are honest. 

My daily life is filled with many joyful moments. Even the sad moments are joyful, because they are real and true.

Everything is different, and everything is so much better.

Writing has been the greatest journey of my life, and I would love to help you begin this journey, too.

In the Courageous Bloggers Society I help you be yourself without apology, both in your writing and in your life.

We meet twice a month for writing & coaching workshops to help you unlock your authentic path to writing online, the path that is right for YOU, even if others disagree.

I would love to be on your side, helping you share your voice in the world without apology.

If you're interested in joining us you can sign up here! If you have any questions, just hit reply to this email to ask me anything.



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