An oracle card reading for our collective; or moths, possibility, and a light in the dark

Oct 29, 2020

This reading is for all of us. It is what we, as a group, need to hear about what is possible for us this autumn.


Today I asked: What possibility do we need to see this autumn? I picked a card from Kim Krans's Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, and we got Moth.

(If this card looks familiar to you, it's because I picked the same one for us last week! When the same card comes to me again and again, I know it's time for deep listening.)

What I See

As I look at the image of Moth, I am drawn to the gorgeous green of her wings. To me, it looks like a beautiful silk coat, flowing and adorning Moth. She is regal. She is an empress.

What I sense is that we need to see the possibility of adorning ourselves beautifully this autumn. This can look different for all of us. We can adorn ourselves with the physical beauty of clothes, but we can also adorn our minds with beautiful poetry and books. We can adorn our hearts with walks in the woods. We can adorn our souls by doing our creative work.

What can you do this autumn that would feel like the silky, gorgeous green of these Moth wings? 


What I Read

As I read the description of Moth I was drawn to two lines that I want to share with you:

  1. "The Moth is sure the grass is greener on the other side."
  2. "When out of balance: idealizes others, jittery. To bring into balance: finish a project"

My sense about these two lines is that this is an important time to remember autumn darkness happens for all of us. Even when you live in the Southern Hemisphere, where the spring is opening right now, the autumn will come again. Night time, darkness, day time, light...these cycles are here for all of us. No one is exempt.

To help shift your focus from "the grass is greener" mentality, focus on finishing a project. Finishing a project might be the candle in the dark, or the light, you need to create for yourself this autumn. 

What project would you feel the most enthusiastic to finish this autumn?


What I Hear

For today's reading, I sat in meditation, connected to Moth and asked for a message for our collective. When I did this, I heard her say, "It's ok to seek the light. It's not wrong. It's what we do."

What I sense is that we need to seek the light just like a moth would do. However, it's also important to make sure "seeking the light" does not become a spiritual bypassing activity.

The question to ask isn't what would make all the bad feelings go away, but to ask: "What would truly light a fire in my heart?" Seek that which would make you come alive, even if that thing feels hard.


What Possibility Do We Need To See?

This autumn, as the nights get longer, it might be hard to remember what is truly possible for you. You might forget that you can write, that you can be creative, or that you really can impact the world.

To remember what's possible, here is what the Moth card suggests:

  • Don't feel bad about seeking activities that will awaken your heart and bring light to the darkness.
  • Consider finishing a creative project as a way to stoke your heart fire. Doing even a tiny step each day will change your mindset.
  • Adorn your heart in whatever beautiful ways you can - wear clothes that feel good, seek heart warming experiences, and connect to soul. This is not just ok to do, but absolutely necessary, especially when you want to make an impact on the world. Light your own fire first, then work to light other's hearts.


If this feels like an overwhelming task list, just pick one of these things for yourself this autumn, and break that thing into tiny steps.

For example, if you have a project you want to finish, set aside 10 minutes each day to work on it. 10 minutes a day adds up over time, and you will soon feel your sense of possibility growing.



P.S. I would love to do a personal reading just for you, where you will get your own card and more specifics about how YOU can light a candle in the dark this autumn. Order your Halloween Oracle Card Reading by this Saturday, October 31. (3 days left!)


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