An audiobook recommendation

Nov 13, 2020

Today is the day before the New Moon. That means it's time for our day of sacred rest.

The New Moon is a time to turn inward. It's a day that calls for quiet contemplation. This is a great time to settle back, take a break, and enjoy some quiet time. To help with this, I have a beautiful audiobook recommendation for you!


Audiobooks are one of my favorite ways to relax. I love puttering around the house with my headphones on, enjoying a good story.

One of my favorite audiobooks I've read this year is Vesper Flights by Helen MacDonald.

This is a gorgeous series of nature essays that are meditative and quiet, and that feature stories about wild boars, swifts, mushroom hunting, birds nests, and more.

MacDonald tells particular stories about watching nature, and she ties her stories back to universal themes that impact all our lives.

Her reading voice is lovely and just the thing to help you fall deep into your own contemplation of nature and life. This is the perfect read for a quiet new moon day.

You can listen using a public library audiobook app like Hoopla or Libby. You can also purchase the physical book at my shop.

Enjoy the new moon, and remember, it's totally normal to feel tired, deep, and inwardly focused right now. All will be well. Take a beautiful nap.



P.S. Forward this letter to someone you know who loves nature books.

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