A self-care recommendation for you!

Dec 20, 2020

Yesterday, we talked about Frog and the important message Frog had for us about self-care.

I strongly believe doing self-care is a great way to free your voice.

When you care for yourself authentically, in a way that makes you feel truly loved and cared for, it can put you in touch with your authentic thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

It can also calm your anxiety so you can then express those same thoughts, feelings, and ideas in your writing.


Today, I have a self-care practice to recommend to you.

First, ask yourself: What did you most enjoy doing for play when you were little, like before you were 8, and how did that kind of play make you feel?

Second, do something this week that could make you feel the same way.


I loved playing house when I was little. I even once took all the Tupperware in our home, took it outside and filled each and every last container with mud, because hello, I was COOKING. The creases in the lids had little smudges of dirt in them for YEARS. :)

Anyway, when I think about how much I loved to play house, I remember loving the feeling of getting lost in my imagination. I would lose track of time. I would forget where I really was. My imagination was everything.

This week, to lose myself in my imagination, I think I will go on a daydream walk. This is the kind of walk where I let my mind wander, and I imagine myself into gorgeous fantasies.

This will go a long way to helping me connect to my authentic voice, because at heart I am a daydreamer. I was always taught to pull my head out of the clouds, but this week I will purposefully and lovingly do the exact opposite.


What about you? What did you love to play when you were little? How did it make you feel? What can you do this week to feel that way?

If you get hung up on the word play, because you didn't really play that much when you were little, then think about anything you enjoyed doing, even if you wouldn't call it play.



P.S. Share this letter with someone who could use a little self-care this week.

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