A confidence boost for your creative heart

Nov 01, 2020

Look up toward the velvety night sky. See the depths of the cosmos there.

It is beauty. It is mystery. Each particle studied and loved by research scientists and poets alike.

You get to be here, just like the stars get to be here.

You get to exist, just like the planets get to exist.

You get to own the space you occupy in the cosmos without question. 

Those who say you can’t be what you want to be, don’t rule your heart.

Those who say you can’t speak the words you want to speak, don’t rule your voice.

They did not bring the miracle of your existence into being.

Rather, the ancient particles of the universe have arranged themselves over the ages to create you, here, today.

This is an amazing miracle. You are ancient matter that has become conscious!! 

Feel the playfulness of your atoms dancing together to create this body, this heart, this mind, and this voice.

You get to exist today, and you get to claim it. You get to do, be, and say what you really want to do, be, and say.

As inspirational writers, we get to step into the world in our full capacity, using our voices to make this world a better place.

Let's do this. I'm with you, and I believe in you.



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