6 Steps to Unlock the Courage to Write

Nov 21, 2019

Dear Writerly Woman,

You want to write, not just to get published or make money. You want to write because there is something in your soul that calls you to this craft.

However, putting yourself out there in the world in such a concrete way feels extra hard and scary, because your life has taught you that whenever you share the vulnerable parts of who you are, you get squashed by other people's critical or judgmental reactions.

So, you avoid writing. This is understandable. It's an extra squishy, extra vulnerable craft for you to pursue.

But this is also a conundrum, because when you get to the heart of things, you know the path to a fulfilling life involves writing.

As a writing coach, I am here to help you start writing so you can experience the joy of courageous of self-expression.

But how do you do this when writing is so vulnerable for you?

Today, I am sharing one of my core suggestions for helping you find the courage to write.

This practices only takes about 10 minutes, but it can make a world of difference with your writing.




Exercise:  Invite a Circle of Love into Your Writing Space


My hunch is the people who have squashed you, rejected you, or otherwise made you feel awful about who you are, aren't the people you really want to be writing to. 

My other hunch is there are people out there who would absolutely love to hear from you.

  • They would love your writing style.
  • They would love what you write about.
  • They would love the authentic energy you put into your writing.

Imagine getting to share your authentic self with a community of people who lovingly embrace you exactly as you are. They not only accept you; they actively enjoy being around you. They like you, without hesitation.

For today's exercise, you are going to imagine exactly this while you do a short, 10-minute writing session.

To prepare, think about a person or a group of people who you could imagine writing to that would feel safe, loving, and kind. This is a person (or persons) who you wouldn't hesitate at all to show your writing.

It's fine if the people you think about are imaginary. They could be characters from your favorite books, or literary heroes you admire. They can also be you at a younger or older age. Anne from Anne of Green Gables is someone I love to invite into my writing circle of love.

Whoever this person or people are the most important thing is when you imagine them, you know they would actively enjoy being around you, without you having to change a thing about yourself.

Once you have a clear idea of who you'll invite into your circle of love, follow the steps below.


Follow these steps and see if writing feels a little less intimidating and a little more motivating while you do this exercise.

  1. Breathe. Take 3 - 5 deep breaths.
  2. Take a moment to imagine all the critical people you usually think about when you try to write stepping outside of the room you are in.
  3. Take a moment to imagine your circle of loving people entering the room. They stand around you, actively enjoying being near you.
  4. Write for 10 minutes, and while you write, imagine you are writing directly to your circle of love.
  5. If you'd like to use a writing prompt, try this: "Today, my heart wants to tell you..." Write this phrase first, and then write whatever wants to be written without stopping or editing for 10 minutes.
  6. Notice how you feel when you're done writing. Was writing more enjoyable when you imagined writing to your circle of love? Breathe deeply, knowing it's truly possible for your writing dreams to come true.

I hope you found a sense of openness, peace, and safety in your writing today.

You've got this. I believe in you.



P.S. My online course, Write In Peace, is a 2 hour self-guided writing retreat you can do anytime, anywhere, that will teach how to create safety, peace, and ease in your writing, especially when writing feels extra vulnerable for you. Check it out now, and make your writing dreams come true today!


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