What Moth told me today (again!)

Nov 06, 2020

I have some fun oracle card magic for you today!!

One of my creative goals with our daily letters is to pull an animal card once a week from Kim Krans's The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Card Deckand then tell you the message this animal has for us.

I wrote this letter after I pulled the Moth card a couple weeks ago, and I wrote this letter after I pulled the Moth card again last week. I love getting the same animal a couple times in a row, because it means that animal's message is extra important for us.

Today, I sat in meditation asking for a message that would serve our collective's highest good, and guess who we got?? Moth again!

I promise I shuffle the cards really well, AND I've done multiple card readings with these cards since writing the last letter, and I didn't pick the Moth card once. Honest.

Sooooo...our collective is all about Moth energy right now!!


Picking Moth three times in a row tells me it's time to REALLY listen.

I recommend looking over the last two letters I wrote about the Moth card, linked above, and today, I'm sitting in meditation with Moth, letting her know I'm really listening.

I asked for the message she is here to give us, and here is what she says:

"You are light seekers, and so you have much to learn from Moths. Moths are also light seekers. The question you need to ask, though, is: what is the light you are seeking? Your community needs intentionality around the light they seek. What is it? It's time to find your focus."


The feeling I get from Moth is that we need to seek our light like Moths seek lights, with focus, determination, and devotion. However, we also need to take time to consider exactly where we are pointing our precious energy.

To do this ask yourself these questions:

  • Where are you getting distracted from your creative endeavors? 
  • What would you most regret not doing in the next 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years?
  • What does your heart is true?

Don't worry if answers don't come to you immediately. These can be tough questions. The answers might come to you over the next few days, in your night time dreams, or in a synchronous conversation with a friend.

Also, I'm always here to help. Reply to this letter if you would love a special oracle card reading to answer the question: "What is the focus that would serve your highest good right now?"

I'll pull a card for you and do a sacred ceremony on your behalf. I'll use my intuitive senses to write you a personal message to help you find your light. My single card readings are $55.



P.S. Have you had any personal experiences with moths lately? I'd love to hear about it!

P.P.S. Forward this letter to someone who could use encouragement to find their creative focus today.


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