Being afraid does NOT mean you are doing anything wrong

Oct 05, 2020

I pulled an oracle card for us today!

I love using oracle cards to help me answer the deep questions of life. I use them as a kind of meditation to help me feel into the intuitive vibes at play. They consistently help me see what I need to see.

Today, the question I asked was: "What does our community need to know to boost our writing confidence?"

I pulled "The Threshold" card from Kim Krans's "The Wild Unknown Archetypes" deck.

Below you will find a quote about "The Threshold" from the Archetypes Guidebook, and you'll also find the meaning I'm taking from this card today. As you read about this card, ask yourself what resonates for you. What stands out? What part of this message has particular meaning for you?


The Threshold

"We cross thresholds continually -- consciously and unconsciously. Doorways, gates, and entryways grace our path on a daily basis. When this card arises, it signifies that the precipice you stand upon is not your typical one, however. You have arrived at the threshold of initiation, here to usher you into a new reality." - Kim Krans


Thresholds are the places where we take steps to move from one way of being into another.

The simplest example is the doorway to your home. When you cross the threshold of your front door you move from being inside to being outside. These are two very different ways of being. You use different clothes, different tools for transportation, and different social niceties when you are in your home than when you are outside your home. There is an "inside" you and an "outside" you.

I love this card, because the work we do her in our School of Wild Authenticity community is threshold work.

In our community I invite you into three types of thresholds:

The Self-Confidence Threshold: This is when you step from a way of being that is dominated by Self-Doubt to a way of being that is fueled by Self-Confidence.

The Creativity Threshold: This is when you step from a way of being where you don't write to a way of being where you actively write. 

The Authenticity Threshold: This is when you step from a way of being where you are afraid to show your True Self to the world to a way of being where you get to be your Wildly Authentic Self without apology.


Crossing the Threshold is the beginning of a journey. Stepping out your front door is the first step on the road to wherever you are going. Archetypal and spiritual thresholds, like the ones we work with here, function the same way.

The act of crossing the threshold is when you take any step to begin your journey from moving from one way of being to another.

This means you don't have to become a Wildly Authentic, super confident, prolific writer over night.

In fact, I have found the best kind way to cross a healing threshold is taking an intentional moment to simply say yes to the journey.


Here is an example of one way to say yes. You could say something like this:

"Universe, ok...I see that I'm in a world of pain because I'm not writing my truth. This hurts, but I also have no idea how to start writing. Even though I don't know how to get where I want to go, I want the Universe, Life, and All The Good Things to know that I am willing to begin the journey. I am saying Yes to the healing, personal growth, and creative discovery needed for me to start writing. Let this journey serve the highest good of me, the people I am here to help, and the world."

I have found saying yes to a healing journey changes things, because I become more open to the actions that could help me.

After saying yes, I might more readily take a class that is calling my name. I might become more willing to learn about the technology I need to learn about. I might see with more clarity how to take a moment to put words on paper.


What I really want to tell you to help you boost your confidence today is that it is perfectly ok if the journey into writing has not been an easy one for you.

We are sensitive, energetic, and magical people who have experienced hurt and rejection in the past. Putting ourselves onto the page and hitting publish is a big deal. Just because it's hard doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong.

You might get vulnerability hangovers. You might second guess yourself. You might feel really scared.

Being afraid does not mean you are doing anything wrong. Being afraid means you are a courageous, glorious badass who has survived some serious sh*t and writing your truth MATTERS to you. That is so cool and awesome, you magical lovely unicorn.

The last thing I want you to know is that these three thresholds are always available for you. They don't go away. At anytime you can say yes to going on the journey from self-doubt to confidence, from not writing to actively writing, and from shame of who you are to claiming your Wildly Authentic self. Even now. Like, right now.

Much love xo,


P.S. Forward this letter to someone you know who is sensitive, deep, and a little bit magic and who could use a confidence boost today!


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