How I finally stopped and paid attention today

Jul 16, 2022

This morning, during my usual routine of meditation and picking an oracle card, I asked "How can I stay centered today?"

I picked the Nettle card from Maia Toll's Illustrated Herbiary, and the message was to "Pay Attention!"

Great, I thought. I'll pay extra attention today. I can totally do that.

I had an active morning. I set up a cute seating area on my deck. I took my 4-year old nephew for a walk around the neighborhood, and we found an awesome patch of blackberries. Then I...

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How "Both/And" thinking can help your writing block

Jul 09, 2022

I'm sitting on my deck. The black eyed juncos are flitting about and tweeting. The new green woodland leaves are shining in the sun. It's a delightful day, with a soft warm breeze swishing the branches above me.

And, of course, there's a loud machine (maybe a chainsaw?) making an "ERRRRRRR" sound somewhere nearby in the neighborhood.

Earlier today I taught a class for Summer of Enchanted Writing, where we discussed duality and paradox.

Right now,...

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How to celebrate today's solstice

Jun 21, 2022

Today is the solstice. In the northern hemisphere it is the first day of summer, and in the southern hemisphere it is the first day of winter.

Seasonal beginnings are a great time to assess who you were in the last season, who you are today, and who you are becoming in the new season.

I love asking myself these questions regularly, because they help me get centered and grounded in who I am, and they help me make decisions based on my authenticity.

To celebrate the Solstice, set aside an hour...

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Recovering from the embarrassment of being myself

Jun 21, 2022

One of my favorite childhood photos is from my Brownie troop picture in the third grade.

I don't have access to the photo, because I've gone no-contact with my family of origin, but imagine it with me.

In the photo most of the kids are wearing official brown sashes and dresses. They're standing still and smiling simply. It's a group picture displaying lovely uniformity.

Except, in the back right corner, I'm wearing my favorite purple overalls, and instead of standing...

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Your beautiful and magical voice

Jun 16, 2022

You have a beautiful voice.

Your words are magic.

Your words are a gift.

You have the power to share a message that can change the course of someone’s day or even their whole life.

You can create healing and magic for yourself and others through your writing.

All of this is possible.

It doesn’t matter if other people are writing similar things to you.

Your voice, conveyed through your essence, is unique.

No one but you has lived your life, and no one but you can say what you...

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How to Celebrate the Full Moon

Jun 15, 2022

The Full Moon was yesterday, and we are still basking in its glow. This is a time featured in many films and books as a time of high energy and power.

In the cultural consciousness it's connected to witchy things and magic.

It's a day of transformation (but hopefully not of the werewolf variety). It's a day for dancing and singing.

It's a day to enjoy an evening walk lit by the silvery light of the moon.

In witchcraft traditions, the full moon is a day of celebration...

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Claiming my most witchy self

Jun 10, 2022

I'm launching a new program, the Summer of Enchanted Writing, and it's my most witchy program yet.

We'll be doing a series of writing rituals using oracle cards, guided visualizations, dreamwork, and other fun witchy tools to help you connect to the power and heart of your voice.

This program is about using writing as a magical tool to break free from external expectations and discover what makes writing come alive for YOU.

Summer of Enchanted Writing leads with magic, and I am...

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Creativity isn't a solid state

Apr 14, 2022

This past week I've been wandering around my yard, looking at all the new flower buds popping open. The cherry and plum trees are blooming, and the rhododendron and azalea flowers are starting to peek out.

I love looking at the flowers until there is a sudden rain or hale storm, and then I rush back inside to warm up. Spring is officially here in the Pacific Northwest.

This means it's time to take stock again. How have I changed this season? What have I learned? What is next...

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Doing This Can Change Your Writing Life

Feb 09, 2022

Do you wonder if you'll ever write?

Like, you probably wrote stories or poetry or journals when you were young, and you always thought you would write when you were older, but it just hasn't happened?

And maybe you're starting to think it will never happen?

I want you to know that I know this particular pain.

A few years back, when I had a dull gray cubicle job and I wasn't doing any creative work at all, I had stuffed my desire to write so far away that I didn't even feel it anymore.

I went...

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Finding your true self again

Feb 02, 2022

This winter has been rough. Not rough weather-wise, as the winters in the Pacific Northwest aren't nearly as bad as the New England winters I grew up in, but rough emotionally.

The darkness and the pandemic and the seasonal effective disorder really got to me this year. My usual sense of energy, brightness, curiosity, and creativity went dim, and I've felt disconnected from myself.

With this disconnection I stopped doing things that usually cheer me up. I stopped going outside. I stopped...

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